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Thread: Convince Me!

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    Wow, what an invitation! I have so many favorites....I really could make up short lists in several 'styles'. I'll just list a few in no particular order.


    Tabitha--I love the rhythm. I love that it has a sort of formal sound, yet has the playful 'Tabi' beginning. I love that I've never known a Tabitha, yet it's familiar. I'm at a total loss as to why it isn't used more.

    Tess--Fell in love with Tess of the D'Urbervilles when I was 14. Was sure that I would give my daughter this name. Then I married a man with lots of sibilants in his last name. I love the simplicity and the romance.

    Phoebe--my top Greek name. Again, it's formal and playful at the same time. I love "Feebs" as a pet name.

    Eleanor-- best of the classics. It's lyrical and has dignity and history. Plus, you can get to Nell, Ellie, Nora.....

    Linnea--I am not generally a fan of super-girly names. But this one is graceful and soft without being froufrou. It's not in the Top 1000, yet is totally accessible.

    Sabrina--there's just something so bright about this name that I can't imagine a Sabrina who wouldn't fully embrace life. Soft beginning and end, but that "bree" middle gives it life.

    Susannah--She's a prairie girl. She's Biblical. Shakespeare liked it enough to use it on a real daughter! I understand that Sue and Susan are a bit dated, but who cares? The full name is wonderful....soft, yet substantial. Not in the Top 1000? Amazing.

    Eowyn--my guilty pleasure. I wish lots of intrepid LOTR fans would start using it so it would become a bit more mainstream. It starts somewhat regally, like Eleanor, but then finishes with a soft, feminine sound.

    Greer--one off my one-syllable list. Unusual, yet easy. Sounds terribly sophisticated to me.


    Peter--has it all. Crisp, bright sound. It's strong, yet cuddly. Has a long history, yet sounds modern. Instantly familiar, yet not encountered in the U.S. all that often. And think of the associations: Peter Pan, Penvensie and Rabbit. Peter the Great. St. Peter.

    Leo--love the simplicity and the quirkiness of the 'o' ending.

    Sullivan and Tolliver--love these surnames.....they just seem.....jaunty. And warm and friendly. And Sully and Tolly are great nns.

    Kai--Again, bright and cheerful. I also like the slight exotic feel of the name.

    Gideon--a favorite Biblical name. I like the rhythm of this one. I like that it has the hard consonants sounds but doesn't sound harsh.

    Calvin and Gordon--grandpa names that need to be revived. They sound like strong, all-boy names without high testosterone. I suppose Calvin appeals because of Calvin and Hobbes......Gordon just seems so friendly and open.

    Tristan and Tarquin.....I'm a sucker for anything medieval. I like the crisp two-syllable sounds of these two. just so darned cool. It sidesteps the Lucifer overtones of Lucian and Lucius, as well as the cowboy sound of Lucas/Luke. Sounds totally modern while keeping the ancient credibility.

    Wyatt.....nothing wrong with cowboys, and this name has swagger and refinement at the same time. Also love the slightly quirky Wy beginning.
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    I love this prompt so much I bookmarked it to answer when I had time. And now I do.

    Sylvie -- Oh, I love Sylvie. She's familiar but not overused, a truly international name. Silvery and ethereal, sweet and elegant, Sylvie was the first girls' name I really fell in love with. Sylvie has been in my Top 5 for as long as I've had a Top 5, and if I have a daughter Sylvie will be the name to beat.
    Jane -- Jane is perfect. Historical, literary, simple and utterly gorgeous. If I could rename myself, I would choose Jane.
    Marigold -- A glowing choice for a summer child. Marigold shines, sparkles, scintillates; Marigold is flamboyant, ostentatious, artistic. I love Marigold with the down-to-earth nickname Maggie.
    Eloise -- Like Sylvie, a perennial favorite (though Eloise's star is rising much faster than Sylvie's). Lotar and Louis are family names, and I absolutely love the connection to the children's book character. Eloise also comes with the spunky short-form Louie.
    Juniper -- Ah, Juniper! A botanical name that's mellow and sassy, with a fabulous sound and that oh-so-important (to me) connection to children's literature. Like Eloise, Juniper is sadly getting popular fast, so I'm clearly not the only one who appreciates her charms!
    Matilda -- Fusty and feisty! 'Matilda' is one of my favorite books, and now that I have a good friend called Tilly I have even more affection for this name.
    Iris -- To me, Iris and Jane seem are the perfect pair. Both subtle, elegant, worldly names, gorgeous in their simplicity. Iris is a goddess and a flower. I also love the association with the rainbow: as a queer person, this symbol is very significant.

    Marlowe -- I go back and forth on which gender this name is best used on. Right now I'm feeling Marlowe for a boy and Marlo for a girl. Regardless of whether I use it on a son or a daughter, Marlowe's one I can absolutely see putting on the birth certificate. Marlowe combines everything I love in a name: it begins with an M, ends with an o-, and has a great deal of literary and personal significance.
    Roscoe -- Vintage and modern at once, a rockstar name with a cool, bouncy sound. I can't understand why Rosoe isn't more popular, though I'll certainly be happy if it stays rare! Roscoe is one of those names that makes me look forward to having kids. I would love to have a little Roscoe (and a medium-sized Roscoe, and a big Roscoe -- I think this is a name that will age beautifully).
    Atlas -- Hefty with mythological significance but light on the tongue, Atlas strikes the perfect balance. I love the crisp sound and connotation of superhuman strength. Even the association with books and maps appeals to me!
    Simon -- Simon is jaunty and versatile, a scholar and a traveler. Simon is distinctive and underused, but still a name anyone could make their own. Like Roscoe, I can really see this one growing as my son does.
    Wallace -- When I imagine a little boy named Wallace, I think of a kid with flyaway hair and big glasses like his mom's. Wallace is dashing and scholarly, and I love the connection to William Wallace, the Scottish freedom fighter. Plus the comic book character from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is pretty badass.
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    My two top names crushes haven't been on my list for very long, but I feel very strongly about them both.

    Eira - Welsh for snow. I love nature names and this name is absolutely a breath of fresh air for me! It has the crisp, bright feeling of a sunny winter day to me, and makes me think of all my favorite winter memories. I think it's absolutely stunning and would love to use it in the middle spot of a future babe if my SO agrees!

    Gale - As in a gale of wind. Nature-y and strong. Despite Gail/Gayle/Abigail all being feminine, Gale is purely masculine to me. I think I would probably use him in the middle spot as well, but I'm just so smitten with this strong and earthy name!

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    Longstanding favourites:

    Wren- It is so pretty and the bird is so sweet and small. It has a beautiful call but can also stay silent. The sounds of this name are so soft and flowing although not a tongue-twister like other names. I also LOVE the association with wings and flying because I hope someday I will be able to have a pair of wings [far future]. It gives me hope for freedom and escapism and this is why I LOVE the name Wren. Just say it a few times and stretch your little birdy arms out as wings and you will see my pleasure.

    Samson- I do not have a very good case for this but it sounds good, solid and strong. It has the bonus of the nickname Sam but stands apart from other names. It has biblical associations and gives the child the option of blending in or being a real individual.

    Julia-I just LOVE the imagery I get with this name. It is lovely multicoloured, liquidy type ribbons with a large amount of turquoise. This name has many benefits like Samson as it can blend in, stand out but sounds strong. Classical. Ancient roots. Saintly connections. Simplicity but strong. Plus the nn Jules which is awesome.

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    Samson- it's my absolute favorite. I just love it. It sounds great on a little toddler and a grown man and I just think its so handsome. Don't think I can ever use it since it doesn't go well with my daughters name but I have and will love it forever.

    Milo- it's so playful and cute and I can really see it on a little tan brown eyed boy.


    Indiana- obviously I love it because I named my daughter this. I know it doesn't get a lot of love on here. But It's beautiful and strong and has endless nickname possibilities. (Indie, Anna, Diana, di etc)

    Leila- so pretty and feminine and just rolls off the tongue

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