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    Wow, what an invitation! I have so many favorites....I really could make up short lists in several 'styles'. I'll just list a few in no particular order.


    Tabitha--I love the rhythm. I love that it has a sort of formal sound, yet has the playful 'Tabi' beginning. I love that I've never known a Tabitha, yet it's familiar. I'm at a total loss as to why it isn't used more.

    Tess--Fell in love with Tess of the D'Urbervilles when I was 14. Was sure that I would give my daughter this name. Then I married a man with lots of sibilants in his last name. I love the simplicity and the romance.

    Phoebe--my top Greek name. Again, it's formal and playful at the same time. I love "Feebs" as a pet name.

    Eleanor-- best of the classics. It's lyrical and has dignity and history. Plus, you can get to Nell, Ellie, Nora.....

    Linnea--I am not generally a fan of super-girly names. But this one is graceful and soft without being froufrou. It's not in the Top 1000, yet is totally accessible.

    Sabrina--there's just something so bright about this name that I can't imagine a Sabrina who wouldn't fully embrace life. Soft beginning and end, but that "bree" middle gives it life.

    Susannah--She's a prairie girl. She's Biblical. Shakespeare liked it enough to use it on a real daughter! I understand that Sue and Susan are a bit dated, but who cares? The full name is wonderful....soft, yet substantial. Not in the Top 1000? Amazing.

    Eowyn--my guilty pleasure. I wish lots of intrepid LOTR fans would start using it so it would become a bit more mainstream. It starts somewhat regally, like Eleanor, but then finishes with a soft, feminine sound.

    Greer--one off my one-syllable list. Unusual, yet easy. Sounds terribly sophisticated to me.


    Peter--has it all. Crisp, bright sound. It's strong, yet cuddly. Has a long history, yet sounds modern. Instantly familiar, yet not encountered in the U.S. all that often. And think of the associations: Peter Pan, Penvensie and Rabbit. Peter the Great. St. Peter.

    Leo--love the simplicity and the quirkiness of the 'o' ending.

    Sullivan and Tolliver--love these surnames.....they just seem.....jaunty. And warm and friendly. And Sully and Tolly are great nns.

    Kai--Again, bright and cheerful. I also like the slight exotic feel of the name.

    Gideon--a favorite Biblical name. I like the rhythm of this one. I like that it has the hard consonants sounds but doesn't sound harsh.

    Calvin and Gordon--grandpa names that need to be revived. They sound like strong, all-boy names without high testosterone. I suppose Calvin appeals because of Calvin and Hobbes......Gordon just seems so friendly and open.

    Tristan and Tarquin.....I'm a sucker for anything medieval. I like the crisp two-syllable sounds of these two. just so darned cool. It sidesteps the Lucifer overtones of Lucian and Lucius, as well as the cowboy sound of Lucas/Luke. Sounds totally modern while keeping the ancient credibility.

    Wyatt.....nothing wrong with cowboys, and this name has swagger and refinement at the same time. Also love the slightly quirky Wy beginning.
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