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Thread: Convince Me!

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    Convince Me!

    Convince me of why your top favorite for a boy and girl are the best names out there! Lists just aren't seeming to help. I scan them, reject them, move on. I need some reasoning behind things! So I figured if you berries could convince me of WHY your favorites are your favorites, maybe I will find a few favorites of my own!

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    Gwen - means pure/white/blessed, Gwendolen has the option of Wendy which I like. It's uncommon in my area but still very pretty and recognizable. What I don't like about it is that it starts with a G (not my favorite letter to write) and it only sounds so so with our surname.

    Noelle - I love the meaning (Christmas) and the feel it gives me. I don't like that it is spelled Noel by many people in my area and that it has the word "no" in it. Not sure if it would work on someone not born around Christmas.

    Livy - this name just gives me a lovely tingly feeling, I just think it's so pretty. What I don't like is that it almost necessarily requires a longer name (Olivia, Livia, Livinia, etc) and I'm not sure I love any of them, though I do like them.

    Eve - I love that it's simple and straightforward, I like the meaning and history. I like that it's uncommon but recognizable.

    Bennett/Benedict - I love the meaning. Ben has been a favorite of mine since childhood. Not sure if it's too trendy.

    Darius - love the meaning, love the nn Dare, love the history. Not sure if it's too weird.

    Eli - same as Eve for being simple and having a nice meaning. Not sure if I'd feel the need for a longer version.

    Leo - like the meaning. Like the simplicity. Nothing I really don't like about it except maybe that it sometimes comes from Leonard which I don't like so much.
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    Pax Alexios means 'peace' 'defender of men' ... both good and strong!

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    Helena -- Not only is she reportedly the most beautiful woman in history, but the name means torch/fire/light. The vowels are all long and soft, with the N at the end to give it just a touch of edge. It flows beautifully when you say it because of the L, and is gloriously feminine.

    Valentine -- Similar to Helena in the beginning, but a sharper point at the end. Means love. It just sounds so sweet, and I can imagine it perfectly on a little girl or on an adult.

    Gloria -- Means glory, makes me think of the word glow, so I find the name luminescent. I also find it musical, due to the abundance of Latin/religious music with this word. The O sounds very cool in this name, actually making the 'oh' sound. An unrevived classic.


    Dashiel -- I always come back to this name. I think that the nickname Dash is awesome, and the second syllable has a neat sound. Like shield, or shell depending on how you say it. It's just cool. I like it with one L, because two Ls feels feminine to me and doesn't actually affect the pronunciation.

    I don't have many consistent favorites for boys... ha...
    I'm not feeling incredibly profound at the moment. Check back later.

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    Katharine: meaning: pure, I have always loved this particular spelling of Katharine because it seems distinctive and sophisticated (while still allowing for the adorable nns Kate and Rin!

    Sophia: meaning: wisdom. I don't care how popular this name is-I will always love it! I think it is simply beautiful.

    Elisabeth: another long-time favorite which I like not only for the solid and pretty name that it is but for its abundance of nicknames (Beth, Ellie, Elsie, Lissie, etc.)

    Annemarie: My favorite two-part name, which I love all the more because it honors the Mary our Blessed Mother AND her mother in one!

    Violet: something about this name appeals to me-maybe that it can be very cute on a little girl while still being able to grow up with her. It also strikes me as sweet but spunky

    Susannah: I love that this name is less popular, and I love the sunny sound it has. I much prefer it to Hannah as well.

    Fiona: I have a weakness for Irish names--it's my dream to marry an red-haired Irish guy haha!

    Brigid: ditto Fiona, plus the nns Bridy and Brideen and Biddy

    Eowyn: my guilty-pleasure name. I'm a LOTR freak and I LOVE this name but could never use it, sadly

    William: just about my only consistent favorite for boys. I love that it is handsome and strong without being "buff."
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