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Thread: Convince Me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bostonsavvy View Post
    Convince me of why your top favorite for a boy and girl are the best names out there! Lists just aren't seeming to help. I scan them, reject them, move on. I need some reasoning behind things! So I figured if you berries could convince me of WHY your favorites are your favorites, maybe I will find a few favorites of my own!
    Merida was on my list from the moment I found out I was having a baby girl. I chose it because it is such a sweet name and I know my baby won't have many spelling or pronunciation problems with her name (I mean, who HASN'T seen Brave?). I also chose it because it is unique, but not too far out there.
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    Ava Madeline - Madeline honors me (my name is Madison. MADison - MADeline). Ava is a name that goes well with my last name. He likes the more classic names (like Charlotte), so we agree on Madeline (pronounced -line, NOT -lyn). Plus, he loves that it honors me.

    Easton Malachi - We both love Easton. It sounds southern, like his name does. Malachi honors SO in 2 ways. Both DO and DS would have Biblical middle names and Malachi has a part of his name in it.

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    My favorites are:
    Zoe- this name is beautiful, it honors my Greek heritage, it means life, it's easily spelled and pronounced. Also, one of my favorite people in the world is named this. She is the most kind and generous and classy people I know. That's why I love it so much. A lot of people say its trendy, but for me it has personal meaning.
    Willa- I love the sound of it, how it rolls off my tounge, and the meaning. It also is the feminization of my grandfather's name (which happens to be my brother's name so I can't use William) and that means a lot to me, because he passed when I was young.
    Tessa- I love how it sounds, how it looks, the easy spelling and pronunciation. This was almost my name too, which gives it an extra boost.
    Helena- my name is the Greek form of this name, so it has a lot of connection to me. I was named after my aunt who passed away before my parents were married, so it has that family connection.
    Gregory- I love the sound, how it looks and that it is strong and recognizable; without being a name that you hear every day.
    Dimitri- I like that its kind of exotic and cool sounding without being too out there. It has a connection to my dad but it isn't his name so it's kind of honoring but not really.
    Tobias- I read this one in a book and loved it ever since. It's different but not too different. With boy names, I feel like they have to be strong and distinctly masculine and recognizable.
    I'm pretty sure all my favorite names are somewhat honoring my Greek heritage and I couldn't pick a name that didn't because its a major part of who I am.
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    These are just about sold to my partner *fingers crossed*

    Girl: Honoria (nn. Ria or Honi)- the sound, the meaning, I guess culturally it fits for me and references one of my favourite (silly) literary characters.
    Boy: Lysander (nn. Ly or Ander/Andy)- the sound, the midsummer night's dream reference, Spartan general historical reference, and overall awesome of it.

    I know these names are unusual, but for several reasons I don't blend into the world easily and am even more confident my children won't, so why try?

    I hope I haven't persuaded you too much ;-) I kind a want to keep them for myself.

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    Iantha: I like the Victorian charm of this name. I like floral names, but this is a more obscure and really very lovely play on the Ianthe flower. Also I can use the nn Anne which has been one of my favorite names forever but DH doesn't approve

    Avalon: My hubby and I both love Arthurian legend and I put this on our list thinking he'd
    nix it, but he liked it! It also has Ava as a nn. Its a name that is too popular in and of itself, but an adorable nn.

    Elowen: Is so beautiful. Its very popular on nameberry But not where I live. My hubby loves it too and has the feel of Eowyn without the LOTR connection which everyone would think we were doing if we named a child that.

    Walter: I love the classic charm of this name! I also love the nn Walt. It will grow well over time and reflects the "elderly" nature of my hubby and I. Our families have always joked about us being an old married couple even when we were in our early 20's.

    Ambrose: I love this name and the nn Bo. I find it so dignified and timeless.

    Emrys: I love the sound of this name and my hubby really, really loves it. I like the nn Reece, and the meaning/history of the name.
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