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Thread: Convince Me!

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    I don't know if this helps any, but I think Indiana and Samson are pretty perfect together!
    Not expecting, just planning and building lists!

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    For girls I like
    Ziva, Sorcha (I do not pronounce it properly, I say Sorsha) and Chaya for all the same reason. They are slightly exotic without being too far out there.

    My other name is Marie. My grandmother asked why no one named a child after her and I said Myrtle? She said she always went by her middle Marie. Over the years since she passed I find I am liking the name more and more.

    For boys my top runner for the last few years has been Elijah, I like the NN's for it Eli or Lige and I how it sounds. Nice solid manly name

    Next would be Luther. An old fashioned name (to me, who is old LOL) Again Manly and strong. I also like the nn Lou for my DH Louie.

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    Jemima - my daughter's name. It's biblical, from the book of Job. I had 7 long years between sticky pregnancies, so it felt like I had been put through what Job had at times, with my multiple miscarriages. It's also soft, gentle, and has history for me via a late friend of the family. Her great-... uncle was Daniel Boone. One of Daniel's daughters was named Jemima. She and two friends were kidnapped, and their rescue became the inspiration for James Fenimore Cooper's Last of the Mohicans.

    Natalie - Mimey's middle name - fun, sparkly, spunky, classic.

    Jessica - again, fun, sparkly, spunky - my older daughter's first name.

    Alexandra - defender of mankind - and a classic to offset the fun first name. It has history to it, as well, which was important. I love Russian history, so my dh was not surprised to see Nicholas, Alexander and Alexandra on my list

    For boys: Ezra, Jonah, Judah, Joshua - I love biblical names, and these end in a soft sound, which is not the case with most boys names.
    I also like Theodore, Nicholas, Alexander, Oliver and Timothy - all are strong, classic and have history to them.

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    I'm just going to put a few random ones from the list...


    Indiana - Well, 4815162342, said it all about the strength of the name and the nickname potential, but for me, I just love the imagery that comes up. Indiana just seems like that strong elegant lady everyone likes and tries to imitate, but she also has that secret desire for adventure.

    Cassia - This name just sounds so pretty to me, either pronunciation. It has almost a Secret Garden-like feel to it. Also, it's not super weird, since essentially, it looks like Cassi(e) with an 'a' at the end.

    Adair - I find this name very feminine and filled with a wild spirit. I can easily see her with Scout Finch's personality. It's just so energy-filled and a touch of seriousness at the same time.

    Genevieve - She's my Confirmation saint and has quite a nice story. I just love the nickname Evie, and Genevieve is such a graceful way to get it.

    Georgina - This name is just super fun and sunny to me. I think Georgina pairs perfectly with a little girl in a sundress and hat. I think Georgina is also very refreshing from the slightly more clunkier Georgia and Georgiana.


    Benjamin/Benedict - I just adore the nickname Ben, and both names have totally different vibes. Benjamin is more relaxed and a sporty boy, while Benedict is the polite and proper doctor or lawyer.

    Nathaniel - I've always loved this name, and I like the nickname possibilities. For me, I like Nathan the best. I just see a Nathaniel as a very traditional and old school man who treats everyone with respect, while Nathan is the athletic one who still manages impressive grades.

    Jack - I think just about every personality could fit this name. But for me, I associate Jack the most with Leonardo Dicaprio's Jack from Titanic.

    Dominic - This name just has a quirky feel to it, yet maintains a somewhat classic status. I think Dom is super cute and love the fact that the name ends with a 'c', which is unusual.
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    Maeve: It's short and sweet but with more oomph than say Sue. Beautiful but not frilly. I was born in May so it has that connection to me. You do have the choice of the cute nn of May or Maisie but Maeve doesn't need it. I love that it is Irish since my heritage is mostly Irish and my last name is very Irish as is my SO's. I love the meaning, “the cause of great joy” or “she who intoxicates.” I like mythical connection the name has. It is said by some that she was a goddess before men made her a mere mortal. It is said to be in her favor brings good fortune. Queen Maeve was strong, fierce, and beautiful.

    Juliana: It's elegant and graceful. It's cute when little but stylish when older. It has some great nicknames that would fit a wide range of personalities: Julie, Jules, Ana, Anna, Annie, Liana, Lia, and Uli. For me it is a way to honor three different relatives that all have an "Anne" name associated with them. It has connection to two family members that are born in July. It's a well known name but not too popular.

    Other Favorites: Emmeline, Violet, Cleo, Eve, and Anya/Aine.


    Lucas/Lucian/Lucan: Oh, how I have long loved Lucas. It has the masculine nickname Luke. I am a huge science fiction fan and I feel that it is well connected to that. You have Luke from Star Wars and Lucian of Samosata, sometimes considered the father of science fiction. Lucian reminds me of werewolves because of the Underworld movies. Loving the meaning of light, as a boy with this name would surely light up my life. Lucan I would use if I really wanted the Irish connection. If I ever get a chance to name a boy I would have a hard time deciding which of these three to use but I'm pretty sure it would be the versatile Lucas.

    Flynn: Another Irish name here, love it! I really like that this is an easygoing and straight forward name like Luke. Weirdly enough I also like it's meaning, "son of a red-haired one". Now my SO is not a red-head, but he has the freckles that they usually have. My dog's name is Rufus which means red-head so that connection is also kinda cute. I really like that it isn't very popular. I can see this on a child and then on a man. I feel this name could work well for an artist (which we are)/designer, a business man, an athlete, or whatever.

    James: Already taken by a family member but this name to me is the best classic name out there. It is a name of kings and commoners, of presidents and actors. I picture a rugged James Dean and swoon, I also love Dean (haha).

    Other favorites: Jude/Judas, Ian, Isaac, Wyatt, Dean, Leo, and Henry.
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