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    ROUND 2- Hazel combos will be the death of me.

    Hazel combos are driving me crazy. Choose your favorite and tell me which ones do not really work in your opinion.

    Hazel Seraphina/Serafina (choose which spelling)
    Hazel Olympia
    Hazel Snow
    Hazel Poet
    Hazel Clementina
    Hazel Marie- my confirmation name, but may be too blah and filler-ish.
    Hazel June Marie
    Hazel Winter Rose
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    Hazel Seraphina/Serafina - I would choose Seraphina (only because I prefer that spelling, no real reason), but I think this is almost perfect in the balance between the two names; since Hazel strikes me as a nature, down-to-earth (in a good way!) name, Seraphina provides the whimsical, floaty girliness. But I am slightly biased against Seraphina, only because I think it is almost too frilly for my taste. Sorry.

    Hazel Olympia - Ooh yes, I love this one! The Greeky ancientness of Olympia, contrasted with the innate Englishness of Hazel is the perfect name, I think. Possibly my favourite combination. Scratch that, I'm desperately in love.

    Hazel Snow - I'm personally not sure about the two nature names together, although I love them both, and I also think that perhaps a longer name would complement Hazel's two syllables far greater than just the one (also, having seen Hazel Olympia, I refuse to believe that anything can live up to it...)

    Hazel Poet - I'm not sure why I'm not warming up to this one. I just don't know if the balanced syllable rhythm and stress sound quite right to me...what about Hazel Poésie?

    Hazel Clementina - I love this, for the same reason that I think Hazel and Seraphina went well together, but I much prefer Clementina. Definitely high up my list of favourites.

    Hazel Marie - Because the last syllable of Marie is stressed, compared to the first one of Hazel, I think this sounds lovely, and the fact that Marie is your confirmation name adds another layer of meaning. Despite Marie's fillerish reputation, I think now it is reasy to be brought back into style (especially with what made it so popular a filler in the first place - the fact that every first name fits with it in the middle!)

    Hazel June Marie - This is so pretty - my only concern is that June Marie might sound a bit too much like Junemarie if said to quickly...ridiculous I know. And I'm also still fixated on this Hazel Olympia idea...

    Hazel Winter Rose - Again, too many naturey names for me, but I think that depends on personal taste. Sorry!

    So, my final three would be as follows:
    1) Hazel Olympia (bet you didn't see that coming)
    2) Hazel Clementina
    3) Hazel June Marie

    Hope this helps just a little - good luck!

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    Hazel combos were the death of me, too! lol. I have only ever found three Hazel combos I love: Hazel Isabella, Hazel Elisabeth, and Hazel Elisabeth Grace. I do sort of like Hazel Poet and Hazel Serafina on your list, though!

    Also, I love the idea of passing down your confirmation name. Marie may be filler (it's my mn and I hate it, but that's also because it really has no meaning!), but for you it's meaningful, and I think it would be so charming to meet a little Hazel Marie! That's actually my favorite of your options, I think. Now that I think of it, Hazel Josephine could be lovely, too. Does that interest you at all?
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    @ciottolo- Thank you so much for the break down of each individual combo! And letting me know which ones are your favorite! I am worried with the double middle it may be a mouth full with our long last name. So Hazel June Marie is definitely low on he totem pole and my boyfriend agrees with it may being too much.

    @ashthedreamer- Thank you for input! That is the only reason I am considering Marie because of it is connected to me. Not loving Josephine too much.
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    I like Hazel Poet, Hazel Clementina, Hazel Marie and Hazel Winter Rose - they are all lovely.

    I don't like Hazel Seraphina, Hazel Olympia, Hazel Snow and Hazel June Marie as I find it hard to say the names as a whole.

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