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Thread: Rory or Silas

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    Jul 2013

    Rory or Silas

    Rory Thomas or Silas Kai?

    These are the names we're between ... Wondering about name image or being overly trendy. I would love some feedback.

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    Apr 2012
    Rory Thomas! It's got length, flow, handsomeness. Wouldn't say it's trendy as Rory isn't massively popular, plus he's grounded by the strong, traditional MN of Thomas anyway Silas Kai... they're both handsome names but I wouldn't put them together. It's a bit choppy and there's two 'eye' sounds in there.

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    May 2013
    Ooo, that's a hard one.I love both of them!But maybe I like Rory more. It sounds a little more handsome to me than Silas.

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    Rory Thomas, hands down!

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    I really like both names but I think Rory Thomas flows better than Silas Kai.

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