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    Yay! It's one of my current favourites.

    I love Antonia Eloise, and Antonia Leonie.
    Current favourite girls names: Verity, Eden, Cliora, Antonia, Morwen, Catriona, Dervla, Colette, Sorcha, Tahlia, Lucina, Vita (as name or short for Victoria), Zabet (as name or short for Elizabeth), Nina, Kylara, Zelda, Sabine, Eliska, Zelina, Mereya

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    @kkrvf, that would be amazing if we picked the same name! We aren't going to find out sex, either, so it's a waiting game. We also want names with personal meaning, and between us have French, Scottish, Caribbean, South East Asian, Eastern European, Canadian and English heritage - so we have a lot of options. For some reason I keep coming back to Eloise, because I have a French name and want to keep the tradition going.
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    Antonia Eloise is very pretty. I also like Antonia Pearl.

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    Antonia Eloise and Antonia Leonie are both absolutely beautiful - what about something just as simple like Antonia Jane? Also loving:

    Antonia Lisette
    Antonia Maude
    Antonia Cecile
    Antonia Blanche
    Antonia Eve
    Antonia Kate
    Antonia Ruth
    Antonia Rue

    I love Antonia with anything though - it's such a stunning name! Good luck.

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    I like Antonia. I just finished reading a book where that was a character's name. It's four syllables so I would stick with a shorter middle even if you have a short last name like me. (I would probably avoid middle's with more than two syllables.)

    My favorites are:
    Antonia Pearl
    Antonia Maple

    I like Madeline, but Antonia Madeline seems long especially if you have a long last name.

    I don't think Eloise flows well with Antonia. Too many vowels in both names for my taste and my tongue.
    I don't like Leonie very much with Antonia. I like both Leonie and Eloise as girl names on their own, and I wouldn't be judgmental if you decided to use them regardless of flow.

    If you're thinking flow,
    I do think some simpler forms of your middles would work:
    Antonia Elle
    Antonia Bee (or Bea pronounced the same way)
    Antonia June

    I also don't think of Eloise as being particularly French.
    Since you like French names:
    Antonia Esme (A lot of vowels but this simpler form works better to me.)
    Antonia Belle
    Antonia Claire
    Antonia Aimee (or Amy)
    And my favorite French names:
    Antonia Fleur ( goes with the nature motif)
    Antonia Margaux (Being a form of Margaret of course it means Pearl)

    I also like Antonia Jade.

    Best of luck!

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