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    Quote Originally Posted by natural View Post
    A) No.
    B) From previous experience, no. I knew a female, Yury. I believe she was from a Hispanic/Mexican background. But that does not mean that her family did not have family ties to Russia.
    There is a famous Mexican singer whose name is Yuridia but goes by Yuri. Perhaps the girl you know is named after her?

    I wouldn't worry about the Yuri genre, especially since the two names have completely different origins.
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    I have been crushing on this name too!

    No I don't think it sounds like urine at all

    No I don't think you need a Russian background to use it. I'd use it in a heartbeat and my background is Scottish. My daughter has a Vietnamese name and my sons is Old German.

    Agree that it's a better match with Otto than Evan based on popularity and origin. But based on sound the names go great together! I think the 4 letter, 2 syllables and vowel sounds of the names makes them sound like a wonderful 'set'

    Am also Australian and would pronounce Yoo-ree

    Wouldn't worry about the japanese lesbian animation genre. If you search hard enough you'll find something random or undesirable for any name.

    Love Yuri Wallace!!

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    Thank you.

    I think I'm back to preferring the traditional spelling; Yuri.

    Yuri was the name of the first man to go to space.. So hopefully people know it's a real name and don't assume it's weird and made up.

    Beleive it or not.. there have been people that thought we made Otto up and even Evan, which we thought was a well known of name.. But apparently not because it's pronounced like "even" sometimes.
    That's where my pronunciation doubts come from. I pronounce Yuri, YOO-ree, hopefully it's straight forward!

    My boys are only 15 months old and 4 months old though so I don't know why I'm even thinking of names just habit I think.
    I guess I like the idea of having the names ready now.. But I know I will change my mind 366885 times before ever having another baby!

    Thanks for the answers and advice!

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