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    We have 1st names to take to hospital! Middle name help needed, please.

    Feeling giddy and cannot stop grinning - my DH and I just realized that we have actually chosen our names and we have 2 more weeks before our due date! One girl and one boy name chosen and we agree and are both happy! It is so exciting (and unbelievable!) to have arrived at this point! Now, onto that middle name & your help!

    We have decided on Cleo if it's a girl and Hugo if it's a boy. We are trying to find a middle name that means 'peace' to honor someone. (DH does not like Olive or Humphrey.) DH's grandfather's middle name is Gillies and we are also tossing around the idea of honoring him in the middle name spot.

    At the moment, I have Cleo Salome, Hugo Salomon and Hugo Gilbert Salomon (too long?) written down. Not sure how to honor the grandpa with our girl name...and not sure if Gilbert is close enough to Gillies to make the link...

    Any/all ideas for middle names are very welcome! Oh, and any feedback on the spelling of Salomon? Is this the way you'd spell it?
    Thanks so much!
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    Oh, wow, congrats! Your post actually made me smile too, how lovely to have them picked out. And what gorgeous names as well!

    Cleo Salome is beautiful. To honour grandpa, what do you think of Giselle, Gisella or Gillian? Giselle basically had the same letters, and Gillian has the same beginning. Cleo Salome Giselle, Cleo Salome Gisella and Cleo Gillian Salome (I prefer the Giselle one).

    Hugo Gilbert Salomon is very handsome. I think Gilbert works well, you've got the Gill part. And it's so romantic (probably because of Gilbert Blythe...). Other options are Giles, Gilles or Egidio.

    Edit: you edited while I posted! Oh, well. I prefer Solomon to Salomon, but they're both fine names!
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    Cleo and Hugo are great choices.

    Cleo Gillian would work as an honor middle for Gillies. I do like Cleo Salome as well.

    I would spell Solomon like this. However, if I wanted to honor your husbands grandfather, I would just use Gillies as the middle name. Hugo Gillies Lastname. If I was going to use a "peace" middle name with Hugo, I would go with Paxton. Hugo Paxton Lastname.
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    Paloma and Callum both mean "dove", a beautiful symbol of peace. Cleo Paloma or Hugo Callum sound nice to me.

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