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    I love Matilda Joy.

    Eliza's a great name too, and I think it works with your girls. Eliza Jacqueline is rather striking.

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    You guys have really hit the nail on the head hitting all of my concerns...basically, eliza as beautiful as it is sounds a lot like lyla, just like my other favorite name Lyra which I had to veto for that very reason. Scarlett I love but worry that it's getting too popular and matilda with the nickname tilly is so precious to me because it sounds spunky and fun but then I wonder how she would grow in to it... would it be a good adult name??? And as far as the middle names go I do think that Jewel sounds the best with my other j middle names I actually REALLY REALLY love Esme, plus my grandma is from France and has been teaching me French so I'm in love with the French sounding names. Esme Jewel or esme Juliet maybe esme Jacqueline
    As you can see much turmoil goes into this whole picking a name process!! Lol I do appreciate the feedback though

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    Quote Originally Posted by missmolly View Post
    Eliza Jane is probably my favorite, but it seems to be from a totally different style set than your other girls. They all have names that have slightly exotic vibes. Eliza Jane seems much more down to earth or workaday to me.

    I like Scarlett Jael, and it would probably be my pick for you from your list, but I don't care for your pronunciation of Jael.

    Matilda seems to be a NB favorite, but I just can't get on board.


    Scarlett Jessamy
    Agree with this 100%

    Top Girls: Under Construction

    Top Boys: Under Construction

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    My fav name would be Scarlett but i prefer the middle name June with it more.

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    I, for one, LOVE Esme Jewel - smooth, timeless, boldly beautiful, fits wonderfully with your other girls...and there are the cute nn's Essie or Emme or May. I think it's PERFECT! Esme Juliet is beautiful, as well! (My daughter is named Juliet, but we call her Jewel often, so I am partial to both!)

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