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    Jul 2013

    Trying to decide on name for my fourth girl :) please help!! :)

    Ok I'm having a really tough time this fourth time around. I have three girls Simone Jeanette, Lyla Jolie, and Brooklyn Jade. After picking 3 names I love I'm running out of ideas! As far as the middle name I'm trying to stick with my j theme....I also welcome any other suggestions of names you may have. I'm going for strong and unique girls names. So far I've come up with:

    *Eliza Jane

    *Matilda Joy? (haven't decided on middle name yet)


    *Scarlett Jael (pronounced Jay-elle)

    which do you guys prefer or what do you think? and I'm not stuck on the middle names btw, I can change those if you can suggest anything that might sound better

    THANK YOU!! in advance

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    fiammetta Guest
    My favourite overall is Eliza Jane, though I would also love Matilda Jane and Scarlett Jane.

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    May 2011
    I love Eliza Jane. Very pretty.

    I've never been a fan of Matilda, but I do love Scarlett. Scarlett Jane would sound pretty too.

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    Eliza Jane is my favorite, followed by Matilda Joy. Matilda Jane would be lovely (if you are looking for a virtue mn, I also like Matilda Hope, Matilda Faith, Matilda Blythe and Matilda Verity).

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    *Eliza Jane - Both names are lovely and go beautifully together.

    *Matilda Joy? (haven't decided on middle name yet) - I really like the name Matilda and even more the nn Tilly! Joy is pretty and goes nicely with Matilda as well

    *Scarlett Jael (pronounced Jay-elle) - Scarlett is a beautiful name! I have never heard of the name Jael, its lovely although if it's pronounced Jay-elle it sounds a lot like jail (prison).

    I think either Eliza Jane or Matilda Joy


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