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    Beatrice, Ottilie or Dulcie?

    My husband and I love these three names, but can't decide which we should use. We haven't decided on middle names yet, but, our last name is Cuthbert. Nicknames would be Betsy/Essie (Beatrice) and Lillie(Ottilie) We don't like the name Tillie, so please, don't suggest that for Ottilie Which name gets your vote?

    Beatrice Cuthbert
    Ottilie Cuthbert
    Dulcie Cuthbert

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    Ottilie por moi.

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    Love Beatrice and Ottilie, don't care for Dulcie. Favorite is probably Ottilie (as I prefer Beatrix over Beatrice.)

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    We'll also gladly take any suggestions! DH's mother is Kathryn, my mother is Elizabeth, we were considering one of them, but we aren't sure. Victoria and Charlotte are both out.
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    I heart Dulcie. Seriously so sweet!
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