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    I don't think UK name trends affect North America too much. I mean, there are some, but the UK tends to have a very different naming style and its not very likely that the US would easily accept that.
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    I don't think it's inevitable, no. Honestly, I think the average American finds Matilda unappealing. I love it myself, but the boyfriend and most of my family thought it was too "crusty". Matilda is very popular with the hipster crowd, along with Ramona, Agnes, Clementine etc. I don't think those are ever going to be chart toppers though, but I'm betting a good deal of the Matilda's being born lately have hipster-ish parents.

    One pond-hopper that Americans love is Isla, and I think that's more to do with the adorable actress than anything else. Matilda may climb some more, but she'll never be in the top 100 imo. I see her getting into the 400's maybe. Unless some actress named Matilda takes us by storm and we fall madly in love with her, Matilda is that sweet spot of recognized but not overly popular.

    However, if you live in an urban part of the country, in a hipster neighborhood or a city with a lot of hipsters (pull out your binoculars and start watching the coffee shops), Matilda is probably going to be a little more popular than the rest of the US.

    This is one I'd take somewhere like Y!A, and ask how many Americans love Matilda, or what they think of it. Most Berries are going to love it, so it's going to be slightly skewed here. As pp's mentioned, Matilda Ledger (who was on the cover of every magazine in the grocery store when her father died), the Roald Dahl book most of us born in the 80s (and currently having babies) read as children, and the love of Maddie names should have already made the name skyrocket if it were going to. Everyone knows the name, most just don't love it. Yes, it could rise a hundred or so spots, but it won't be the name of every little girl in the class.
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    I think sometimes it's about the sound of the name in a different accent (and wonder whether you get strong area trends in the US where different names sound different and are more/less popular?)

    Freya might be explained by that - that 'y' is quite weak - in the US does it sound more like 'Frer? If so, that's certainly less attractive and appealing.

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