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    needing a girly girl name

    Hello, everyone! I hope you all can assist me because I am just about named out! I need a girl name for our baby due in September and I'm just overwhelmed by looking through these boards, seems like the same names repeated. Our current children are Corgan,Zavery,Maddix,Rylan, Leyli, and Kodah. They all have very plain traditional middle names to fall back on (John,James,Craig, etc)
    I was prepared for a boy, but not a girl Leyli is the only girl.
    My mom's name is Linda Lee, my mils name is Jane. I'm thinking Lindee/Lindlee/Linlee-Jane for a middle name or possibly a whole name if it suits her when she is born.
    However, our other names so far are Brenleigh, Nalia (nuh-Lee-uh), Ayla, Lucilla...I'm just not happy with our list so I need some additions. Hopefully you can get an idea of our tastes in names and have some suggestions hubby and i can agree on! only real requirement is it cannot be too common and has to be fitting only for a unisex names. Girls don't come along very often in our family! Lol

    UPDATE: Linlee Jane was stillborn September 19, 2013. 9lbs 12.6oz, 20 1/2 inches long.
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