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    Sibset Woes :)

    We're looking for a boy's name that matches the style of our first son, Oliver James (nn Ollie).

    To get a better sense of our style, our girl name is most likely Willa Maude, although we also love the name Louisa. For boys, I love August (possible nn Gus?) and Clem but DH hasn't been able to get on board. We really like names that are antique throwbacks, literary, and English. More points to those who can think of names that fit more than one of these category! (If it helps, our last name is English, two syllables and starting with a B.)

    Also, we would love for it not to be in the top 150 names or so, as we love the name Oliver but haven't loved the current rising trend of popularity. Any ideas on a suave, little off-beat name for a boy that matches our style?

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