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    What do you think of Roman....

    Roman Prospero!?

    What are your opinions on this combo?
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    I'm not too big on the middle name, but I love Roman! The combo makes me think 'Romans, Prosper!' It has a good flow but prosper isn't a name to me.
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    Not a fan of the middle, but love Roman. We're using it
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    I agree. The middle would probably sound better with another first name. Maybe Prospero, like the Shakepeare character? Roman Prospero sounds really cool.
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    Honestly, I think it's overused. However, it's overused because it's popular, it's popular because people love it and if you love it then...that shouldn't matter :-)

    I've discarded a fair few names that I like because they are common at the moment, which has been hard (some I loved dearly when I was younger), but I always appreciated having an unusual name growing up and not being one of several in a class etc. and would prefer a similar experience for my kids.

    Prospero is a pretty awesome alternative to Prosper (though probably not to everyone's taste), great call elliebean13!

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