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    Dexter, Laing, Liev or Bear

    Which do you like best?
    Dexter, Laing, Liev or Bear.

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    Liev is nice. Dexter is my favorite serial killer; Laing looks like it should be Lang (like k.d. or Johnny--both great performers). and bear is an animal or that weird survivalist guy.

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    Why don't you go with Dexter or Liev seem they seem more like actual first name/ I'm not sure how to pronounce Laing (laying?). Bear could be used as a nickname.
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    Dexter or Liev. Dexter is spunky, Liev is just ok. Really not a fan of Laing (rhymes with w a n g?!) - not sure how you pronounce it - and Bear is an animal, not a person.
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    Dexter is my favorite. Liev is fine, but it's tainted for personal reasons. I just don't like Laing or Bear. (Sorry)

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