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    I agree with you; the brand name connection is too strong. Mabel or even Maybelle is fine in my opinion (I'm a big Mabel fan), but I'm not a big May Beline fan. Beline just doesn't seem like a great name, and the name still sounds the same. I'd either use Mabel/Maybelle or choose another French name.

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    Sorry, but I can count the number of times I've worn makeup on one hand and literally do not know how to apply it, and I STILL thought of the brand. I'm not even sure how the brand name is spelled.

    But I don't think sharing a name with a makeup brand is that bad. Unless guess if it's known as a not-so-great brand it's worse. That being said, if Azalea or Cordelia became a brand name I would still use them... I think it's usable but I understand why some people would be uncomfortable with it.
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    I really like the name Maybelline, but the connection is way too strong for me to ever choose to use it. I would go with Maybelle and use Maybe or Maybellene as a nickname. I know it seems strange to a lot of people to have a nickname longer than the original, but that's how it's done in a lot of different languages, you add a diminutive ending to the name.

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    What about something along the lines of Mabel Aline? You could call her Maybelline/Maybellene at home, and she could go by May/Maybe/Mabel to the real world...
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    When I named my daughter Maeby, one of my 8th grade students told me I should have named her Maybellene. Not my style though!
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