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    The make up brand is pretty prominent. But if Maybellene were my favorite name I wouldn't let that stop me.

    I think when people first met her they'll probably say something like 'like the makeup' but once they get to know her the brand will fall away and it would just become her name. Besides Maybeline was a name before it was brand so I think it's perfectly usable.
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    Get ready for a lifetime of "maybe she's born with it..." jokes. Mabel is lovely - I would just use the shorter version. You can still call her Maybe or Maybellene as a nn.

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    All I can think of is "Maybe she's born with it...maybe its Maybeline".

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    My husband and I have had the same conversation about that name. We are both Chuck Berry fans and love that song... but... we always come back to the make up brand. Mabel is also lovely though- you just don't get the song namesake.

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    Keep in mind the make-up brand is Maybelline, you wrote Maybellene, and someone else just wrote Maybeline. I can't decide if it'd be better to have the name spelled like the brand or differentiated. I'm leaning towards spelled the same way.

    I'd pick Mae or May or Mabel and use Maybelline as a cute family nickname. My nicknames were almost always elaborations on my name. It works.

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