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    Amaryllis nickname...?

    Okay, so it is a matter of the distant future to name any children, but I adore the name Amaryllis. The meaning, flower association, and beautiful sound are flawless! I'm a sucker for nicknames though. Don't get me wrong, I love the name as a whole, but I think a beloved nickname is always handy. I originally had Amari or Mari as designated nickname, but have lately been searching for other options. Not a fan of Amy or Rylli, (sounds too much like really), or Mary. I like Liss and Lissy, but that also happens to be my occasional nickname. So I have two questions:

    1. My latest idea is to use combo Amaryllis Kerensa and use the nickname Amzie. (Am from Amaryllis, the z sound from Kerensa). What do you think of this idea? Would Amzie work for just Amaryllis? I also thought if Amzie was too childlike in sound, she could go by Amari or Mari as a teen.

    2. I need your creativity, berries! Any other great nicknames for Amaryllis? Can be a stretch, though not too far, obviously.

    Thanks in advance!

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