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    Penelope, Augusta, Victoria, or Helena?

    We are due mid-August and have finally come up with some names we both like. Well, I like Helena more than DH, but he does like Augusta, Penelope, and Victoria.

    Thoughts? Is Penelope likely to become way popular (it was #125 in 2012) and is on a major uptick. Does the fact that it was used by a Kardashian make it sound down-market? Does Victoria inevitably become Vicky?

    Suggestions for middles/combos welcome. So far I have:

    Victoria Tamsin
    Victoria Claire
    Victoria Margaret

    Penelope Violet
    Penelope Delphine
    Penelope Augusta

    Augusta Marguerite (need more MNs for Augusta!)

    Helena Margaret

    Other ideas:

    Caroline Victoria
    Clara Marguerite

    What do you think?

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    I love Helena and Augusta. I think Victoria is a little dated and Penelope is too overexposed if you're wanting something less common. It's pretty, though, so it just depends on your personal feelings about popularity.
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    I think Helena would be a better choice over Penelope or Victoria. Both are beautiful (one so beautiful that it drove a Kardashian to use it, but at least it's a nice name and not something like, well, North), Penelope is a good name that has been becoming a super-name (possibly the next Sophia). Victoria is nice, but if you don't like the possibility of "Vickie" then perhaps you should keep it strictly on the middle name list. I'm not personally a big fan of Augusta...but it could work for you guys. Helena Margaret is a beautiful combination! Here are some other options using Helena and Augusta based on your choices and some new ones:
    Helena Caroline
    Helena Claire
    Helena Violet
    Helena Tamsin
    Helena Sophia
    Helena Victoria
    Helena Cassandra (may be a bit too literary, both are names of characters in The Illiad and The Odyessy but they sound nice together!)
    Augusta Marie
    Augusta Eleanor
    Augusta Louise
    Augusta Seraphine
    Augusta Violet
    Augusta Caroline
    Augusta Tamsin

    Hope this helped you!

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    Helena and Augusta are my favourites. I think that Penelope and Victoria are a bit more popular.
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    Helena and Augusta are my favorites- they have that fresh feeling that I don't get with Victoria (though it's a classic) and Penelope.
    My favorite combos:
    Augusta Louise
    Augusta Mae
    Augusta Charlotte
    Augusta Beatrix
    Augusta Antonia
    Augusta Genevieve

    Helena Catherine
    Helena Margaret
    Helena Colette
    Helena Caroline
    Helena Lucille
    Helena Lavender
    Helena Elisabeth
    Helena Pearl

    I also really like Clara Marguerite.
    Hope this helps! Good luck!

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