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    Describe our baby name combos

    Hi all, we are 11 weeks away from meeting our lil bundle of joy and have finalized our names list. We will not be making our final decision until we meet him or her, but I was wondering if you could leave some adjectives to describe the type of person you imagine having these names! No bashing please as we love the names on our list.


    Logan Pierce
    Flynn Xavier


    Remy Elaine
    Emily Dawn
    Lily Charlotte


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    Lovely name choices.
    I love Flynn and Lily.

    Logan. Reminds me of a sporty blonde boy!
    Flynn. I think of a very easy going handsome boy.

    Remy. Dark hair
    Emily. Outgoing
    Lily. Sweet and pretty.

    Good luck with your choice.
    All are great.

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    Logan Pierce - bookish, quiet, maybe with red hair or blond, tall, personable but not obnoxious
    Flynn Xavier - adventurous, into sailing, rock climbing, works outdoors, very outgoing even loud

    Remy Elaine - dark haired and thoughtful, small but will stand up for herself
    Emily Dawn - sweet and plain, brown hair and eyes, loves dolls and collecting
    Lily Charlotte - talkative, will always tell you what she thinks, confident
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    Ooh, these descriptions are great! My husband was blond as a baby so maybe if its a boy it will be a Logan?

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