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    It doesn't feel like one that would get popular, but I've been wrong before.

    I say Imo-jen, not Imo-jean, unless it has that extra E.

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    @niftylavalamp, thank you for the suggestions! I love Illyria, Verity and Vesper (but won't use another 'V' name), Eulalie and honora (vetoed by DH).

    @emmabobemma, I give you credit for sticking with it! I can live with it creeping into the top 1000 but I'm overly (to the point I might not use it if this is a girl) concerned about it launching up the charts out of nowhere. I realize this could happen to any name but I feel Imogen is particularly vulnerable. Your friends comment was frustrating and annoying but I don't think the general population is aware of British or Australian naming trends, at least I hope not!

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    It's becoming more popular but I don't think it'll be shooting up the charts any time soon unless there's a pop culture reference (like Beyonce, a Kardashian, or someone else really famous making their daughter it).

    In 2003, there were 45 babies born with the name and in 2012, there were 111. It's ranked #1816. Won't shoot up the charts soon.
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    Isla is such a great example for where this name could go...despite countless mispronunciation issues. To me Isla is a little more approachable with it's sameness to Kyla, Shayla, ect...Imogen, with some accents sounds a little bit down-home on the farm, or like "Imagine" said quickly. But with Immy or Genny as potential nicknames I could see it taking off. I can't wait to meet a mom that says, "It's Imma, not Emma!"

    I think Imogen is whimsical/vintage and that's trending pretty hard right now so maybe it will make the climb up the charts & become popular. I think Imogen & Penelope would make great sisters.

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    I feel like Imogen is pretty safe from making the US top charts. It could be a name that people will recognize when they see your daughter's name written down and be very glad when she tells them how to say it.

    The only American I've ever known with this name is quite old and says it "im-o-jean".

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