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    Will it skyrocket in popularity?

    Do you berries think Imogen will be one of those names that goes from not on the top 1000 to a top 200 name in the US overnight? I see it mentioned all the time and its pretty much always in the nameberry cloud. This is a skewed sample however ;-)

    It's just so popular in other countries and we seem to follow naming trends a few years behind. It's a front runner for us but I try and stay out of the top 1000 and would be very upset if in 5 years this name was popular here. So, give me your best predictions please!!!

    Off topic, but if you happen to have any suggestions for a girls name based on my love for Imogen and my other girls names, Vitalia and Laurel, feel free to share!

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    I dont think so, Imogen is pronounced differently in Australia and the Uk where its more popular. I think its pronounced Imo jean in the US and here in Oz its Imo jen

    I think the pronunciation puts most ppl in the US off.

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    Hmm. I'm in the US and pronounce it Im-o-Jen. There is Imogene which I would pronounce Im-o-jean but I don't care for that as much.

    How do other people in the US pronounce it?

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    I say IH-muh-jin. And anything's possible. I don't see Imogen skyrocketing, but some celebrity or popular movie character could use the name and then who knows what? I don't think it'll ever reach the tippy top of the popularity charts though.

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    I don't think it will become that popular. It may go up a bit, but I don't see it going all that much. I seems to be a little different to what is super popular here, but you never really know for sure. And I am from the US and I pronounce it Imo-jen. I've never heard it said imo-jean before, but maybe different parts of the US say it differently?
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