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    With Nelly we use baby sunscreen but I have a kid(around 3 y/o) relative and they use Nivea one. I don't remember her being sunburnt or having any discomfort so I think it's a good sunscreen. Anyway, get sure the SPF factor is >30 when you buy one.
    This is a fine article about SPF and protection:
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    I love California Baby, it's expensive but natural and I really don't like applying chemicals.

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    Right now we have Kiss My Face, Burts Bees, and some other brand I got at the HFS that was on sale. I stay away from ones that have a low % of zinc oxyide, parabins and other things I dislike in my personal care products, and buy with coupons or on sale so I'm not brand loyal persay. My father is a dermatologist and my DH has fair skin with freckles and red hair in his beard and so far only one of my kids have my olive complexion (Bronwen, although Linus is in the middle of skin tone everyone else is very fair, Vio has lots of freckles like DH and so does Seb) Rashguard suits or tops are worn always when swimming hats when possible. My one friend and I have decided that we are "bringing back the parasol" since we are always walking around town and both wear our babies who are fair skinned. I am probably just going to get an umbrella at the thrift store and call it a day. A friend of mine was telling me about some sort of dry mineral sunscreen promoted by I think its Anne Heche (I can picture her in my head, pretty sure that is who it is) that sounds interesting that I might try out for Wolfie this summer. I also use my aden and anais blankets on him when out and about to help keep him out of the sun. Like I said, he is fair skinned like DH.
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    Another big fan of Badger, here. We use a face stick and then the cream for her body. It goes on really smoothly and evenly, and we spend a lot of time in the sun with no burns since we started using it. I tried California Kids and Burts Bees before that and just had a hard time not getting streaks.
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    We are a New Zealand family living in the Maldives (i.e, a country with high sun exposure!).

    So many of the sunscreens commercially available today are so toxic. I recommend finding one free of nano particles, parabens, titanium dioxide, oxybenzones and fragrance. We buy the WotNot brand (
    I don't know if you can buy that brand in your location but it is definitely worth shopping around for a brand with less of the nasties imo.
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