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    My friend named her daughter Harriet, nicknamed Hattie. It's a great name, with lots of history. Granted, I live in the UK, so it's much less unusual here.
    Daughter born November 2013

    Expecting #2 November 2015

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    I grew up with several Harriets which isn't surprising since it was nearing the top 50 around the year I was born. They were never teased- I can't see why they would've been? I'd say they liked their name. I like it enough for it to be on my long list! But I'm guessing you're in the US where it's not actually in the charts anymore (quick look at the SSA site tells me it hasn't been in the US top 100 since 1889!) so it's just a little bit more unusual. What I don't understand is why I've seen (in several different blogs/threads on NB) that Harriet is 'posh, upper-crust British'? As a Brit, I certainly don't think so!

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    My mum told me she wanted to name me Harriet (and we are not a posh family) and she probably would have done but she wanted to use the nn Hattie which didn't work with our last name. I really like it though and would have been perfectly happy with the name.

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    I know a baby called Hattie who I assumed was a Harriet.

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    My nan's real name is Harriet but she got adopted and her adoptive mum didn't like Harriet so she called her by her middle name instead. My nan doesn't mind but she's so used to being called her middle name now.

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