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    16 & Pregnant baby names continued - YAY or NAY?

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    Season 1: 2009
    Bentley Cadence - Nay. I don't like Bentley, and don't understand what Cadence is doing in a boy's name
    Sophia Laurent - Yay. I personally dislike Sophia for its popularity, but in the grand scheme of things, it's a pretty name for a little girl
    Leah Leann - NAY. *facepalm* this is ridiculous.
    Jocelyn Jade (now has a younger sister named Jayda Jewel) Yay - Nothing is misspelled really, I like Jocelyn and Jade. Not a bad name at all.
    Weston Owen - Nay. I really dislike the double n's in the name. Not a fan of Weston on its own, either. Owen is nice.
    Carolyn Elizabeth "Carly" - YAY. Baby naming done right, though I prefer Caroline. The nickname is cute, too, though I'm a sucker for a good nickname.

    Season 2A: 2010
    Jace Vahn - Yay. I like Jace, and although I question Vahn a bit, it's not a bad name at all.
    Lyle Thomas - Yay. Very cute, actually. I enjoy both Lyle and Thomas.
    Nevaeh Lynn - NAY. I think I just threw up a little. Despise both Nevaeh, and Lynn, the latter because it is so overused in the middle.
    Aubree Skye - Yay. I likey Aubrey (prefer Aubrey, but that's beside the point) and Skye is a great middle
    Aiden Elliot - Neutral. not a fan of Aiden (too popular nowadays), but Elliot is nice in the middle.
    Jordynn Amelia Marie - Nay. Despite how glorious Amelia Marie is, Jordynn just butchers the entire name. A y and two n's? Really??
    Aliannah Hope & Aleeah Grace (now have a younger sister named Adalynn Faith) - NAY. Besides the nice middles, these names are just letter vomit to me.
    Summer Jayde - YAY. Although I dislike the y in Jade, This combo is beautiful. I adore Summer, and Jade makes a great middle.
    Isaac Elliot - Yay. Isaac is very nice, as is Elliot. A very good name for a little boy.

    Season 2B: 2010
    Brody Ryan - Nay. I really don't like Brody. Could be worse though. (see Leah Leann)
    Genesis Alexa - Yay. I prefer other Gen- names over Genesis, but this combo is still admirable.
    Liam Allen - Yay. Liam is nice, and Allen is too. 'Nough said.
    Za'Karia Sanari - NAY. OMG. It's like she sneezed when she signed the birth certificate. I just threw up a bit more, by the way.
    Austin Carter - Yay. Two solid names, both suitable for a little boy in any lifestyle. Well done.
    Destiny Brianna - Nay. I have issues with Destiny, and Brianna does nothing for me either.
    Rylan Jayce - Nay. It's not awful, but I question the uninvited y in Jayce, and wish Ryan had been used instead.
    Blake Ray - Yay. I like Blake! Ray is nothing special, but Blake is a distinguished name choice.
    Callie Danielle - Yay. Despite my preference of a formal name with nn Callie, Callie Danielle is not a bad choice by a long shot.

    Season 3: 2011
    Noah James - Neutral. Noah is too popular for my taste, as is James as a mn, but it's fine.
    Joshua Jr & Noah Matthew - Nay. If I were a twin, I wouldn't want to be handed down Dad's name while my twin got his own shiny new moniker. Not tragic, though.
    Miah Christine - Uh... Honestly, I don't know how to say this. Maya or Mia? If it were spelled normally, it would be splendid.
    Jamie Paul (Jr.) - Yay. I never liked the idea of a Jr. (personally), but the name is just fine.
    Kylee Sue - Nay. Really have a problem with Sue as a mn, and Kylee is nothing great, especially spelled this way.
    Preston Michael - Yay. All around a decent name. No complaints here.
    Henry Jairo - Yay. Henry is definitely respectable, and although I have never heard Jairo, I think it's a unique middle for a classic first.
    Kay'den Elijah - NAY. Good grief, are you kidding me? Elijah is golden, and I could maybe handle Kayden, but and apostrophe? *facepalm*
    Aubri Rose - Yay. Overlooking the odd spelling of Aubrey, and trite mn Rose, it's a fine name.
    Aydenn Anthony - NAY. I dislike Aidan, but this is just pathetic. Nothing wrong with Anthony, though.

    Season 4: 2012
    Gannon Dewayne - Neutral. I really dislike Dewayne, but having confirmed that Gannon is an actual (Irish!) name, I respect that.
    Molli J - NAY. Against Molli, and really confused about the J. She really just has a middle initial?
    Nova Star - Yay. It's a little corny, but Nova is a cute name, and Star is a spunky middle. So I excuse the corniness for the most part.
    Aniyah Monroe - Nay. I can get on board with Monroe, but Aniyah is...not good.
    Arabella Elizabeth - YAY. Beautiful! A little long, but lovely nonethless. I am genuinely impressed!
    Chase Alexander - YAY. Wow, two great ones in a row. Chase is solid, as is Alexander in the middle, making for a great name.
    Kaylee Michelle - Neutral. I have never been a fan of Kaylee at all, although Michelle is a fine choice in the middle.
    Tristan Blaise - Yay. Not bad at all - Tristan is relatively uncommon, and I adore Blaise.
    Tinleigh Louise - NAY. What the heck is a Tinleigh?? *shudders*
    Audrey Animi - Nay. Audrey is okay (personal associations influence my opinion negatively) but I question Animi. It doesn't sound bad, but just...odd.
    Landon Levy - Yay. Both nice names, though I am not sure if Levy is prn like Levi, or lev-ee.
    Lukas Todd - Neutral. Both decent names, but nothing spectacular.

    Wow this took me a long time. Counting it up, I have 22 yays, 17 nays, 5 neutrals, and 1 ?. I'm surprised I liked so many. I think I had really low expectations.

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    Man, this is really confirming stereotypes of teenage mothers!


    Sophia Laurent
    Lyle Thomas
    Carolyn Elizabeth
    Isaac Elliot
    Noah James
    Joshua & Noah
    Arabella Elizabeth


    Weston Owen
    Aiden Elliot
    Summer Jayde
    Brody Ryan
    Liam Allen
    Austin Carter
    Blake Ray
    Jamie Paul
    Preston Michael
    Henry Jairo
    Chase Alexander
    Tristan Blaise
    Audrey Animi
    Landon Levy
    Lukas Todd


    Bentley Cadence - Bentley is too trendy. Cadence is okay...for a girl.
    Leah Leann - Leah is okay, but there's too much alliteration.
    Jocelyn Jade - Jocelyn is nice, but there's too much alliteration, especially with younger sister.
    Jace Vahn - Jace is too nicknamey.
    Neveah Lynn - World's worst name with a filler mn.
    Aubree Skye - Trendy spelling.
    Jordynn Amelia Marie - Trendy spelling. Amelia is nice.
    Aliannah Hope & Aleeah Grace - Too trendy. Way too trendy.
    Genesis Alexa - Not an actual name. Alexa is nice.
    Za'Karia Sanari - Odd spelling.
    Destiny Brianna - Too trendy.
    Rylan Jayce - Too trendy.
    Callie Danielle - Dislike this combination.
    Miah Christine - Trendy spelling.
    Kylee Sue - Trendy spelling.
    Kay'den Elijah - Really?
    Aubri Rose - Trendy spelling with a filler mn.
    Aydenn Anthony - Really?
    Gannon Dewayne - Dislike this combination.
    Molli J - Trendy spelling.
    Nova Star - Too trendy.
    Aniyah Monroe - Too trendy.
    Kaylee Michelle - Too trendy.
    Tinleigh Louise - Trendy spelling with a filler mn.
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