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    My Dad & his wife got a mule named Alex...which destroys most of my favorite boy & girl names.

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    Oh, a lot! For example, our dialog from the pregnancy times(kind of):
    Me: - J, dear, what do you think of the name Amandine for our girly?
    SO: - This name reminds me of Amanda [Surname]. You know, that horny woman.
    Me: - Well, how do you feel about Cosima then?
    SO: - *clarifies the spelling and the pronounciation*Like my ex-girlfriend with Co- in the beginning? You really think I can name my precious daughter after her?
    Me: - Not after her! She doesn't own the name and, moreover, it's Cosima, not Sima. If you don't like it then suggest some other names!
    SO: - I like Elizaveta. Polyhymnia, Mildred or Zinaida will be cute.
    That being said, Elizaveta and Mildred are the names of his very close leaving relatives, Polyhymnia was a joke and Zinaida is from the book he was reading. He suggests either spelling-disaster names or the names of his friends/family members.
    And it's nearly impossible to find the name that don't make him think of his ex-girlfriend or ex-celeb crushes. That's why Fenella, Violet, Scarlett, Asher and many others were out.
    But on the positive side, a lot of my relatives use exclusively Ukrainian names like Darina and Oleksander that we never consider so they don't ruin any names for us.

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    One of my friends told me she likes Ophelia, but her husband was convinced boys would chase little Ophelia around the playground yelling, "Oh, feel ya!" It was never a contender for me anyway, but now I can't hear the name without thinking "feel ya".

    I suspect my husband is going to make naming difficult anyway. The other day, I suggested Alice for a future daughter, only to be met with, "Like Alice Cooper?? Or that creepy movie?" I'm not letting aging rock stars define my kids' name choices! (BTW "that creepy movie" = Alice in Wonderland. Sigh....)

    Other than that, no family members have ruined names, unless you count my cousin having a very unexpected third child and using Nicholas, one of my all-time favourites (though she didn't know that).
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    @leahmarie512 It is here in Australia I'm afraid

    My sister and mums the name ruiner I love Alice but mum thinks its a grandma name and my sister can't pronounce Eamon correctly she always says it ee-mon not ay-mon but I love Eamon so its staying on my list.
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    Oh, gosh. I hate to admit that i am the horrible person who does this to other people. My sister asked how i felt about the name McCall, and i immediately began imitating a crow cawing, and said "like Ma-call, ma-call?"

    Pretty sure i ruined that one for her.
    I hope to be a mom one day. For now I enjoy being a name lover.

    My apologies for any typos; i post from my mobile phone.

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