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    Aurelian has the sound alien in it, just wanted to point that out! However I love both. Aurelius is similar too!

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    I like Aurelio and Aurelius. Same as bostonsavvy, I hear "Aurelian the alien"!
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    I much prefer Aurelian. I pronounce it au-REEL-ian, so it doesn't sound like alien to me. And I really love it with the middle name Grey.
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    I think Aurelio sounds more like a name. Aurelian sounds like an adjective describing a race or nation of people - the Aurelians. It also sounds like "our alien."

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    He likes Aurelio Grey and I kind of like Aurelien/Aurelian Grey but I have thought of the alien part of it which bothers me. And he has even said he dislikes Aurelian/Aurelien because of the ending sound. I LOVE Aurelius but our surname starts with an SCH making a Shh sound and has the beginning sound like Shamrock. So I feel trying to transition from first to last gets choppy. Aurelius Shamrock (not really our last name but close enough)?
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