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    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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    Thank you Kashed22. - I do like Emily & Amelia but I do think they are too close to Amy-Louise.

    Eleanor Bryony May, Eleanor RoseMarie, Eleanor Gwendolyn May/Rose, Bianca Rose, Stella Bianca Rose I actually like all of these but I will have to ask my boyfriend and see what he says.

    I'm not really keen on Clara but I do like Clara Emily Rose. I like Emma Bryony Lianne but I know Emma is really popular. Althought I like Charlotte Bianca Rose I cant use charlotte as I have 2 cousins called this.

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    I showed my boyfriend all the names and I'm actually surprised he liked Felicity he said to me before he didn't like it. He also liked Eleanor Jane and Rebecca May.

    Felicity ........ May ?
    .......... Emily Rose ?
    .......... Bianca Rose ?

    He likes Hannah Rose instead of Hannah RoseMarie.

    Eleanor Bryony Lianne we like.

    I like Bianca Rose as a middle name but not with Charlotte (as per last reply).

    I love Emily Rose as a middle but my boyfriend doesn't like Clara so is there anything else that will go with this.

    All other names are as my above replys.

    Any more names. - Also on boys names.

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    I love the suggestion of Felicity Bianca Rose! I also like Felicity Emily Rose or Felicity Rose Emily or Felicity Emily May. I think Felicity Bryony Lianne works too.
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