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    Girls Siblings For Amy-Louise

    I just wondered what names people thought would be good with sibling Amy-Louise. We don't mind another Hyphonated name but we'd rather have 2 middle names.

    We like names like Millie, Stella, Emily, Amelia, Eleanor - These are only examples of names we like - If you could come up with any others it would be appriciated.

    We don't like Unique or Unisex names (My boyfriend calls them simple to say names like the above names nothing like Aleighsha for Alicia etc.).
    No Repeating initals e.g. S.S.K or S.K.K we don't mind S.K.S.K though.

    Surname Kitcher.

    Middle Name help would be good also. We don't mind 2 middle names.

    Possible Girl middle names are. RoseMarie, Rose, May, Amelia, Emily, Lianne/Lianna, Bianca/Bryony.

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