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    Girls Siblings For Amy-Louise

    I just wondered what names people thought would be good with sibling Amy-Louise. We don't mind another Hyphonated name but we'd rather have 2 middle names.

    We like names like Millie, Stella, Emily, Amelia, Eleanor - These are only examples of names we like - If you could come up with any others it would be appriciated.

    We don't like Unique or Unisex names (My boyfriend calls them simple to say names like the above names nothing like Aleighsha for Alicia etc.).
    No Repeating initals e.g. S.S.K or S.K.K we don't mind S.K.S.K though.

    Surname Kitcher.

    Middle Name help would be good also. We don't mind 2 middle names.

    Possible Girl middle names are. RoseMarie, Rose, May, Amelia, Emily, Lianne/Lianna, Bianca/Bryony.

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    I think Amy-Louise is charming. Does she have a middle name?

    Your tastes seem to run to classics leaning a little toward vintage. Good girl names. Because of that, I wouldn't use Bianca or Bryony as a first--it seems a bit exotic.

    How about:

    Susannah Rosemarie
    Felicity Charlotte May
    Rosemary Amelia
    Rebecca May
    Laura Rosemarie
    Rosanna Bryony
    Eleanor Jane
    Mary Lianna
    Jennifer Rose

    Don't have any more time to work on combos, but I'd also consider Alice, Lucy and Eliza/Elizabeth.

    I know a lot of people will think these names are boring, but I think they are charming. They are classics for a reason.
    Obsessing over names since 1964

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    I think Amy-Louise is charming. Does she have a middle name? - thank you. No she doesn't have any other name. Her nn is LuLu or Amy-Lou or Louie though.

    I like names that will be ok throughout the child's life. Bryony is for my Welsh side and I have Patrick on the boys names for my boyfriends Irish side.

    Susannah Rosemarie - Susannah feels kinda dated for me. Plus I have a friend called Suzanne.

    Felicity Charlotte May -I love Felicity but my boyfriend doesn't. Sorry Charlotte is out its my cousins name.

    Rosemary Amelia - I like this but I think Rosemary as a first name is kinda old for me.

    Rebecca May - I love this one. Rebecca is so popular where I live though.

    Laura Rosemarie - I like this one I will have to have a think as Laura was quite popular when I was in school.

    Rosanna Bryony -I'm unsure on Rosanna as I know someone called Rosieanne and I think it's too close.

    Eleanor Jane - I like this but it feels like its a little plane on its own.

    Mary Lianna - I think Mary is kinda too old for us.

    Jennifer Rose - I love this one but I'm not keen on the nn Jenny.

    Don't have any more time to work on combos, but I'd also consider Alice, Lucy and Eliza/Elizabeth. - I love Elizabeth as a middle name. I also love Lucy but I'm unsure if its too close to my daughters NN. Alice is unusable it's my cousins name. I quite like Millie Elizabeth and Lucy Gabriella.

    We also like Hannah.

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    I wanted to suggest something I found the other day. There is a Latin phrase Stella Maris that refers to the North Star. Translated it means Star of the sea or sea star. It was suggested on NB as a possible good double barrel name. But if ou don't want to use another hyphenated first name, you could put it in the middle. Or use Stella as a first, and Maris as a middle. Just a thought, I found this charming.

    Amaryllis * Holiday * Cordelia * Waverly * Seraphina * Calliope * Olympia * Zephyrine * Genevieve * Marguerite

    Phineas * Caspian * Orlando * Florian * Sullivan * Laszlo * Thaddeus * Virgil * Ozias * Ambrose

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    You have great taste, simple and stunning names!

    Combo Ideas from Your Picks

    Stella RoseMarie
    Amelia Bianca May
    Eleanor Amelia Lianne
    Emily Lianne May

    And, since you mentioned you like the name Hannah as a first name, how about Hannah RoseMarie?

    Other names you might like:

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