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    I've been really liking Cassilda lately. That kind of fits. And I adore Eira, by the way.
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    I love Cassandra! The only other name I would suggest is Calandra, a personal favorite

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    Cassandra is beautiful. Classic . familiar but not trendy. I dont think you can go wrong with it.
    Cassy or Cassie are adorable nicknames too

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    @geeknamezyo - Cassilda is fantastic - I can just imagine a class register going, "Isabella, Emily, Henry, Cassilda, James..." I'm glad you love Eira too, as I think it such an underused choice (again, I'm trying not to spread the Eira love too widely, as people might just snap it up. Yes, I am a bit obsessed and paranoid.) Thank you so much!

    @littlemeg - Ooh, Calandra, that is another great choice - I actually originally took it off my list as it reminds me of chandeliers for some reason? Not a bad association to have, just a strange one. But I love it all the same. Thank you!

    @gavinsmama625 - I love Alessandra but would consider it strange, as my own name is a form of Alexandra. But thank you for the thought - it is those regal, classic names I'm looking for!

    @jenevievem - Thank you so much for the Cassandra support - I'm beginning to feel like nothing has quite the same ring to it, which is a good thing, right? Thank you again.

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