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    Cassandra Madeira Baudelaire resolves the flow issue. It's a gorgeous name!

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    Castalia meaning fountain of the muses!

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    Cassandra is beautiful! I like the suggestion of Cassia. What about Cosima? It's Greek for universe, the feminine of Cosmo. I absolutely love it. It has the same elegant, exotic, romantic feel as Cassandra to me and is so unique.
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    @kala_way - Oh my goodness, I absolutely love all of your suggestions, but by special favourites have to be Carlotta, Corinthia, Cordelia and Catriana (which I had never heard before now and really actually am already in love with!) Thank you so much for commenting - I agree that someone should really have made up Coriolana before now, if only just for the awesome factor...thank you!

    @slave bracelets - Thank you very much for commenting - I do like Cassia, but am not too fond of either the alternative pronunciation (CASH-uh) or the limited nicknames (Cassie, Cass and Sia) - thanks for the idea though! Just out of interest, how did you choose your username? There might be no story behind it at all, sorry, I'm just a nosey parker...thank you again!

    @tay2thestars - Ooh, Corisande is beautiful, and Bronwen and Fiametta are also gorgeous - these are such lovely suggestions which I never even considered, for some reason - thank you for reminding my muddled brain of the ones that slipped through the net!

    @taz - Calla and Candida are stunning, and, again, ones I had forgotten completely! Thank you very much.

    @rkrd - Thank you so much - it wasn't so much the flow issue I had with the name, only that Cassandra suddenly seemed a bit lacklustre compared to some other, more 'out-there' choices! I'm glad you love the name too, though. I hope it can regain its former sparkle for me *crosses fingers*

    @larkub101 - Wow, Castalia is so beautiful! And with such a lovely meaning too - how could I have overlooked this one? Thank you for suggesting it - another name that is new to me, which I love; I am so lucky to have the Berries on hand!

    @noora - I'm so happy that people seem to love Cassandra - it has always been neglected somewhat, I feel, and I'm trying to make everyone see how beautiful it is without simultaneously making it more popular...tricky, I'm finding. Cosima is gorgeous, but a close friend of mine has already bagged the name for future use - why must friends always do that?! Thank you so much for your help - it's just my luck about Cosima!

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    I really like Cassandra I would suggest Ceridwen or Carys

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