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    I love, love, love Bellamy! I think it's such a sweet name that doesn't have all the frill that Isabel or Isabella can have. My current combo is Bellamy Aurelia.
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    Just a surname to me. I think of the burly footie player who used to play for our club, Craig Bellamy.

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    I love it. I came upon it a few months ago and I've been in love ever since. Another spelling is Bellamie, which I don't prefer but some people might, since its less like the surname and also less like Belle and Amy combined.
    Lots of surnames are becoming popular, like Sawyer, Mason, Greer, etc. Why not the pretty and feminine Bellamy?
    Nameberry lists it as a unisex name, but I think of it as a very feminine name. Maybe it could work for a boy, but it has both Belle and Amy. Besides that, if she decides its too uncommon, there's plenty of nicknames for it. Belle, Bella, Amy, etc.
    For me, Bellamy is a perfect name. Feminine, uncommon, lots of nicknames. I love it.

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