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    Lightbulb Different Bell name - Bellamy

    I came across the name Bellamy a long time ago and always loved how it was possible to get the nn Bella or Bell from it which is a different option for all of us who love them!

    I think it's a nice different name from Isabelle,Isabella,Arabella, etc that still has the Bell factor that is quite popular these days, so do you think it's a good first name or would work better as a middle name and what's your overall opinion on it? Please! I would really love hearing what you think about it

    Origin of Bellamy
    Derived from the Old French bel amy (fair friend, beautiful friend), which is from the Latin bellus (fair, beautiful) and amicus (friend).

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    I LOVE this name and have for a long time since I saw it as the name of one of the novogratz kids (old reality show family). I also love the fact that it has those great nn options and meaning. My current combo is Bellamy Violet Snow..

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    I agree that it's a pretty sound.

    To me it's just too close to words like bigamy, infamy, polygamy, Bedlam, etc. None of them nice connections.
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    I like the name it is sweet! I would especially use it if you have any family connections to the last name Bellamy.

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    What's wrong with just Belle? I never hear anyone go with Belle anymore. It's classic and classy. Bella names are so overdone and trendy.

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