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    Another vote for Caspar
    Leo Sebastian l Ronan Alexander

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    Caspar or Jasper. I agree with ash & namesy that Casper looks misspelled.

    Most of these are interchangeable: Jasper Felix, Jasper Flynn, Jasper Amias, Jasper James, Jasper Henry, Caspar Hugo, Caspar Nathaniel, Caspar Elliot, Caspar Elias, Caspar John.

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    I definitely prefer Jasper! The only problem for me is that I always hear it spoken in Cruella DeVil's wicked voice. (Jasper was one of the two villians in 101 Dalmatians.)

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    My son is named Caspar so that's my preference. For me, the "J" sound is heavier than "C" and "Jasper" just sounded like a different name, with different associations. Looking beyond the friendly ghost, Caspar sounds sophisticated, kind, fun, and somewhat mysterious. But both names are great.

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    I'm not fond of either Casper or Jasper--I think it's the 'asp' sound...makes me think of Cleopatra ending her life.

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