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    I love Jasper (although wish I didn't, due to its growing popularity!) and my combination is Jasper Benedict (and Altair - sorry, I'm not sure how many middle names you are going with, but probably just the one). However, I think Jasper plus a one, two, three or four syllable name flows well...something I'm not sure you really want to hear, as you're asking for suggestions! Sorry to be useless - good luck!

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    Jasper by far!

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    Cair Paravel :)
    Caspar, definitely! Casper looks spelled wrong to me, and I honestly can't imagine Jasper on an actual person. It seems nice in theory, but I just can't get behind it for some reason.

    Plus, I like the French connection with Caspar.

    Caspar Levi (or even Lev, or Leo)
    Caspar Julian
    Caspar Zev
    Caspar Zane
    Caspar Noam
    Caspar Nicholas
    Caspar Theo (or even Caspar Theodore?)
    Caspar George (LOVE!)
    Caspar Emmett (also, LOVE!)
    Caspar Thomas
    Caspar David (generally don't love David, but I do like this a lot)
    Caspar Xavier
    Caspar Morgan
    Caspar Owen (love!)
    Caspar Jack/John
    Caspar Isaac (love this, too!)
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    Caspar is my favorite. It sounds crisp and refreshing. Jasper is nice as well. Casper's spelling looks kind of silly to me, and reminds me of the friendly ghost, but I still like the sound of it.

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