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    Orion is really lovely imo, and I like Apollo as well.

    Aster or Astrid or Astrea would also be pretty

    Is Calypso too weird for you?

    Dawn is a simple, more common one.

    Taurean or Taurina (m and f) is an interesting one.

    Aries is pretty wearable I think.

    Merak is a star name that's pretty cool.

    Iris means rainbow which is vaguely celestial.

    Esther means star.
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    Your question was posted on Nameberry's FB, and someone suggested Estelle. I like it with your sibset, though it does have a different feel than Nova or Lux.

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    Ora means light
    Citlali (pn sit-la-lee) means star

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    Alina--Slavic, bright
    Meira--Hebrew, shining
    Orianna--Latin, golden, dawning
    Danica--Slavic, morning star
    Elara--moon of Jupiter
    Miranda--moon of Uranus

    Samson--Hebrew, like the sun
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    Celestial Names

    Rigel is our son's middle name, it's the brightest star in the constellation Orion. Hunter was another name we had considered since Orion is the hunter (we love Orion) Carina is a southern constellation and a very pretty name. If Mara is an option, maybe Carina?

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