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    Celestial Siblings?

    I'm looking for less obvious celestial themed names to go with Nova (star/new) and Lux (light). Girl or boy. We're trying to avoid names that begin with the same letters (N and L) or end in A (which is always tough). Luna is out.


    So far I've got:

    Selene, Phoebe, Mara (which is VERY loosely related), Apollo, Atlas, Orion.

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    Seren. Means star, but isn't that obvious. Could be used for a girl or a boy. I love this name
    Zoe Milena and Lucas Emmanuel

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    Maybe Celeste?
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    Quote Originally Posted by luvinbeingmomma View Post
    Maybe Celeste?
    Or Celestine?
    Sorry, if my english isn't always the best.
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    Well, I made a name list a while back, mostly geared at writers, so many of the names are pretty obscure, but take a look:
    I love Orion, Rion for short.

    So many great girl ones end in a...Meridiana, Talitha...
    You could do Kastriel or Katriel "Kat" That would fit well with Lux and Nova.
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