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    Thanks for all the great suggestions! I really liked Aurelia, Eloise, Ottilie, Scout (love to kill a mockingbird!) Violet and Adelaide. But hubby shot them ALL down. Any more of you wonderful suggestions would be helpful though

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    My first thought was Violet, but I see that wont work! What about Eva, Grace, Pearl...

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    Can you offer a more common nickname to please your husband? Maybe name her Adelaide and call her Addy? We named our daughter Avianna- which I thought was one of the most beautiful names I've ever come across but it was too much for him. We call her Avi- he loves the simplicity of her nickname. Everyone's happy

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    That's a really good idea goinback 2! Maybe Ellie for Eloise! He doesn't like addy, and I can't think of any shorter names for the other options. I really loved ottillie, but he says it sounds to close to 'Attila the Hun'. He thinks she would be called Ottilie the Hun. But maybe if I push the nn Tilly he would go for it!

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    Aphra? After 18th century novelist and dramatist Aphra Behn.

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