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    Hello all! This sort of goes along with the babies due fr jan-march thread. But, we just found out we are expecting and I had my first apt last night to confirm everything and ask all my questions.

    It is an exciting but very anxious time, as this is ours first an I have no idea what to expect!

    I've started with some morning sickness that includes nausea and (tmi) some really soft Bowel movements. I'm so nervous because everyone is telling me to enjoying health while I have it and that I'm going to get super sick! I'm hoping morning sickness stays the same and am trying to go with the mind over matter thing!

    I have to schedule first ultrasound for around July 20th to check on things and figure out how far along I actually am. My dr mentioned a vaginal probe and pap smear are these painful? not even quite sure what they entail.

    Also, my primary care is also an ob on the side.shes been doing it for close to 20 years, but I guess no one in the practice is doing it with her so she may give it up. She said if I did chose her as an ob she would of course finish out my pregnancy and then could continue care for both me an baby if I choose. She said choosing a family practice ob would probably give me a little more individualized attention. Does anyone have experience with using a family practice doctor as their ob as well?

    Sorry, lots if questions being a first timer! Also excuse my spelling, I'm doing this from my phone! Thanks!

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