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    Hello all! This sort of goes along with the babies due fr jan-march thread. But, we just found out we are expecting and I had my first apt last night to confirm everything and ask all my questions.

    It is an exciting but very anxious time, as this is ours first an I have no idea what to expect!

    I've started with some morning sickness that includes nausea and (tmi) some really soft Bowel movements. I'm so nervous because everyone is telling me to enjoying health while I have it and that I'm going to get super sick! I'm hoping morning sickness stays the same and am trying to go with the mind over matter thing!

    I have to schedule first ultrasound for around July 20th to check on things and figure out how far along I actually am. My dr mentioned a vaginal probe and pap smear are these painful? not even quite sure what they entail.

    Also, my primary care is also an ob on the side.shes been doing it for close to 20 years, but I guess no one in the practice is doing it with her so she may give it up. She said if I did chose her as an ob she would of course finish out my pregnancy and then could continue care for both me an baby if I choose. She said choosing a family practice ob would probably give me a little more individualized attention. Does anyone have experience with using a family practice doctor as their ob as well?

    Sorry, lots if questions being a first timer! Also excuse my spelling, I'm doing this from my phone! Thanks!

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    I've had many of the internal ultrasounds, and am in fact, having another today. They aren't comfortable. But they don't really hurt either. My last one 2 weeks ago hurt more because she had to really move it around to get a good reading on Baby B's heartbeat bc it is on the top of my uterus. Pap Smears aren't painful or uncomfortable either.

    The worst part is someone or something being in a place that isn't normal, in a clinical environment. Like a regular OB-GYN yearly appt.

    As for the doctor... If this is your first, and you are planning more, I say find a different doctor who will be around. I loved my OB and even though she just moved, I like the practice and know the nurses from my first time around. It's nice to be comfortable.

    Good luck.

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    Nausea: I think you're better off to let go of expectations and see what happens. Everyone is so different and my nausea was nothing like I expected. I was only actually sick sick twice (both at around 11 weeks). Otherwise, my stomach just felt slightly off. The best thing for it was eating very small amounts constantly instead of normal sized meals. You figure out what helps and just stick to it. It can be truly terrible for some people, but that's not the norm.

    Pap smear: If you've never had any kind of pelvic exam before, expect some discomfort, but it's just a lot of pressure, not a long procedure. The more you can relax (ha) your legs the less uncomfortable you will be. For me it also helps if my OB can keep talking throughout, just distract distract distract while she gets the speculum in place, the pap smear part is really just a quick swab and you're done. (I am absolutely terrible at pelvic exams, but I get through them!)

    Ultrasound: As much as I hate pelvic exams, this was nowhere near as bad as I expected. Again, some pressure yes, but it typically it isn't going very far and as soon as you're watching that little bean on the screen, you forget all about it.

    I can't really speak to the primary care vs OB...I think I'd have a lot of questions (What exactly constitutes being an OB on the side? Who will deliver you if for some reason she's not there? being among them) and might consider looking for another doctor unless you are extremely attached to this one. Even then, if she's giving it up soon anyway, you'll need to find an ob-gyn afterwards (for future babies as well as standard checkups).

    Hope some of that is helpful.
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    I know you're very overwhelmed at the moment, but you know you can post all of your questions in the Babies Due January-March 2014 thread. The women there are very knowledgeable and going through the same things you are. Several also have small children so they've been there done that and can be very helpful to you.
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    I have not found any of it painful - pap smears are uncomfortable but not painful. And like a pp said above, the more you relax the easier and more pleasant it will be. I've had a bunch of trans-vaginal ultrasounds (like you're going to have) and they didn't bother me at all. But maybe that's because they didn't have any trouble finding our peanut so there wasn't much moving around of the wand. But honestly, you're going to be getting ready to give birth - the pap smears and exams and ultrasounds are the EASY part! There are a LOT of things that come along with being pregnant (obviously), it's not just the fun stuff that they show on tv and in movies, and you just have to accept it and roll with it. The most important thing, always, is that you and baby are healthy - relaxing and letting go of unnecessary stress is a huge part of that, for both of you. Take care of yourself and take your vitamins and try to breathe deep and just enjoy the ride as much as you can!

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