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    So call me crazy but while I like Felicity Jane because of its rhythm I'm always reminded of Calamity Jane. That aside I do like Caroline Felicity Jane.

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    Cair Paravel :)
    Och, Felicity Jane is lovely! Ella Felicity Jane was my first idea (and I love it!), but I think Ella is just not usable for you.

    Hannah Felicity Jane
    Grace Felicity Jane (despite the overtly virtuey feel of it, I really love Grace Felicity)
    Eva Felicity Jane.
    Anna Felicity Jane (meh, I still don't like it too much, but I know you love it, and I think Anna Felicity Jane is nice)
    Olivia Felicity Jane (or even Olive Felicity Jane!)
    Daphne Felicity Jane
    Ivy Felicity Jane
    Poppy Felicity Jane
    Zoe Felicity Jane
    Zara Felicity Jane
    Georgia Felicity Jane
    Nora Felicity Jane
    Nadia Felicity Jane
    Adeline Felicity Jane
    Lily Felicity Jane
    Violet Felicity Jane
    Charlotte Felicity Jane
    Caroline Felicity Jane (although I like the idea of Caroline Eva Jane or something along those lines for you...)
    Ava Felicity ane
    Tess Felicity Jane
    Julia Felicity Jane
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    Thank you all so much! So many wonderful suggestions! So many that I love! O.k. Now, to sit back and try to digest..
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    Call me crazy, but I think I want to try looking at this a different way. You need a name like Kelsey - she's sort of out there in her own as a trendy gender-bender (not that this name needs to swing both ways) whereas you other names are more similar as a whole and in sets. Maggie and Sophie seem more nickname-y, Mary and Sarah are both Biblical and classic-classic-classic!, Emma and Serena are both vintage and very feminine.

    Kelsey was at her most popular in the early 90s. Looking at the Top 50 for those years, here are some ideas I came up with:

    Rachel Felicity Jane
    Heather Felicity Jane
    Laura Felicity Jane
    Hannah Felicity Jane

    1990 - Rachel is a Biblical classic you don't hear all the time now. Heather is a soft nature name ripe for revival. Laura is a subtle underused classic. Hannah is a quintessential perky good girl name also not heard all over these days.

    Shelby Felicity Jane
    Morgan Felicity Jane

    1991 - Shelby is cute and Southern and very sweet. The flow admittedly isn't superb there. Morgan is exactly like Kelsey, a 90s favorite gender bender, with a spunky image.

    Alexis Felicity Jane

    1992 - Alexis is another gender bender with tons of nickname potential. It's a youthful name that ages well and fits many personalities.

    Victoria Felicity Jane

    1993 - Victoria has been around for a long time, but Tori was everywhere in the 90s. Not so much now. Especially in light of the pending British Baby, this is a regal option.

    Abigail Felicity Jane

    1994 - A tried and true Biblical favorite for centuries, Abigail is an easy name to wear.

    Sydney Felicity Jane
    Jordan Felicity Jane

    1995 - Sydney and Jordan are both gender benders. Sydney is more feminine and continues to be seen today. Jordan has seemingly largely returned to the boys, but would represent a bold step.

    Of these names, the ones that are most like Kelsey but also most versatile and appealing in the set are Alexis and Sydney, though Syd doesn't flow as well with Felicity.

    Victoria and Abigail are both lovely, but more classically matched to your other girls' names.

    Rachel may be middle ground.
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