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    Need naming help

    So I'm due on 7-29 and we don't know gender. My husband says I have too many qualifications for names and that's why its difficult. Both of our boys are named after family members so I want to continue this tradition. My first is Riehle (pronounced Riley but its my mother's maiden name) Clinton and my second is Augustyn Patrick. I had no idea how popular Riley was or I probably wouldn't have chosen to use it for a first name. I don't like overly popular names.

    I somehow want to name the baby after my mom and sister so the names are Kathleen and Emily - both way too popular for me to use just as they are and I'm having trouble finding male versions that work well. We have also tried to combine the names but I'm struggling with that too. My husband says he's given up and he will go with whatever I pick

    I know some people on this site like a good challenge so hopefully someone can help me come up with something!!! THANKS!

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