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    My favorite sib-combos for Nora Cathleen are:

    **Margo/Margot Elizabeth (nn Maggie)
    Gwyneth Elise (nn Gwen)
    **Gavin James
    Sebastian James (nn Bash)
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    Margo/Margot Elizabeth (nn Maggie) - super cute, like it a lot
    Gwyneth Elise (nn Gwen) - love Gwen and the flow with the middle is very nice
    Sylvie Johanna - I'm not very fond of Sylvie
    Zoe Annalise - lovely combo
    Carys Johanna (nn Cary) - I like Carys, but I'm not sure about it with Johanna

    Eve Annaliese - is also lovely

    Boys -

    Declan James (nn Dex or Deke) - I'm not fond of Declan, all I hear is decline
    Gavin James - lovely
    Ian James - lovely
    Miles Jameson (nn Milo) - love Miles, it's a bit of a mouthful with Jameson but not too bad.
    Sebastian James (nn Bash or Seb) -okay

    Ewan James would also be nice
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    I really like your combo of Gwyneth Elise, it's stunning, familiar yet uncommon and will go well with daughter Nora Cathleen. From the names you are considering I love Maeve, do you like the combo Maeve Elizabeth?

    Ian James is a great name! It's handsome and I love the sound of Ian. It goes well with sister Nora. Since you are considering Ronan, I really think Ronan James is a great name.

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    Great input, everyone! My daughter actually goes by Nora Cate quite a bit.

    As for Zoe Anneliese - this was my original spelling and I agree that it looks MUCH better, but we're trying to honor my paternal grandmother (Anna May) and my mother-in-law (Lisa Jo) and my husband liked the more literal Annalise spelling. While I know James is a little predictable and overused, it's my husband's name as well as several other family members on both sides of our family. Not to mention, I still can't help but love it. Jameson is mostly used if the first name doesn't sound quite right with James. I should like it more than I do for a few key reasons: 1. As mentioned, my husband's name is James so it's kind of cute that Jameson means "son of James." Furthermore, I am an only child and my husband only has one sibling, a brother, named Jason. Jameson is a great combination of both of their names. However, it feels rather trendy to me AND it's the name of a popular whiskey.

    Declan James was our top choice for a while, but I've recently been leaning more towards Gavin. I'm surprised some say it's boring or popular. I've never heard of anyone with this name aside from Gavin Rossdale. I grew up in the northeast, lived most of my 20's in the midwest and now have lived in the south for 2 years. Am I somehow living in a strange bubble that's following me where there's a ton of Gavins roaming all over the place?

    As for other combo suggestions - they were all great! Some I actually already have (i.e. Greta Josephine, Ivy Johanna, Ewan James, Ronan James, Dean Jameson...) and others are great new ones to think about (Johanna Ivy, Maeve Elizabeth).

    If you have any new name suggestions that match our middle name choices, feel free to share!
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    To go with your daughter Nora, I think Elise or Zoe work the best for the first name slot.
    For boys..I think Simon or Gavin work best.

    Best of luck.

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