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    What do you think of my current top 5 for each gender?

    Have one daughter named Nora Cathleen. Trying to narrow down my favorites for future sibling(s).

    *Note: There will be repeating middle names as we want to use a family name.

    Girls -

    Margo/Margot Elizabeth (nn Maggie)
    Gwyneth Elise (nn Gwen)
    Sylvie Johanna
    Zoe Annalise
    Carys Johanna (nn Cary)

    [Also considering as first names: Elise, Johanna, Eve, Maeve, Eliza, Mary, Josephine, Brigid, Ivy, Greta]

    Boys -

    Declan James (nn Dex or Deke)
    Gavin James
    Ian James
    Miles Jameson (nn Milo)
    Sebastian James (nn Bash or Seb)

    [Also considering as first names: Lyle, Dean, Ewan, Owen, Leland, Bradley, Ronan, Luca, Simon]
    Mama to Nora and Vivienne.

    IF there was a third...

    Zoe Athena
    Claire Athena
    Margot Athena

    Jasper James
    Dexter James
    Miles Jameson

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