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    My first thought was the terror will pass once you find the perfect name. But honestly I'm not sure even that can lift the weight of worrying if it's the right name for you kid -> at least not till you meet him/her in February.

    I love pp's suggestions of finding Irish names that are easier for non-Irish to pronouce and read.
    I assume you are in love with the Irish names because 1) they are awesome and 2) family heritage. If it's only the first then you could expand your search to include Welsh and Cornish names. They tend to be a little more phonetic in spelling but can still have that cool lilty sound. Otherwise, you could consider the Anglicanized spelling of an Irish name that you love.
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    It's ok! Don't psych yourself out. Even if you've loved names forever and you've been searching forever, you might suddenly find that you don't have THE NAME in your stash for THIS CHILD. It's ok. Just keep searching. Head off the beaten path if you need to. Check out for some great antiques, and for links to bunches of different variations and spelling options for names. Just don't put yourself up against self-limiting ultimatums. Even though it feels like it, it's really NOT a matter of choosing between a great sound and spelling ease -- sometimes you just have to search long and hard for the ONE thing that strikes the perfect balance between all you're looking for. Don't give up!

    Here are a few Irish/Celtic (I think! I didn't double check from my massive long list) names that are not too tedious to spell, not too hard to pronounce, and yet are off the beaten path...


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    Upon seeing this, I though you were naming your child Terror. Is it strange that I like that idea? Seems like a cool name. (Nickname Terry? or even Rory?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by namesgloriousnames View Post
    The best way round it is to pick a name with a more obvious pronunciation.
    I totally agree! If you name your daughter Caoimhe (kee-va) or Aoibheann (ee-vin) or Aibhilin (ev-ill-in), you're bound to make correcting an absolute possibility.
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    Quote Originally Posted by emlaweez View Post
    Upon seeing this, I though you were naming your child Terror. Is it strange that I like that idea? Seems like a cool name. (Nickname Terry? or even Rory?)
    yes it is awful. Really really awful. Terror is associated with terrorists. It is an evil name. You could also get the nickname Terry from Terrible. As in it's terrible idea to name your kid terror.

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