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    16 & pregnant names, Yay or Nay

    I was watching 16 & pregnant and was wondering what names where your favourite and your opinions

    Sophia Laurent Abraham- Farrah Abraham's daughter from 16 & pregnant season 1 and Teen Mom1.
    Leah Leann Shirley- Amber Portwoods daughter from 16 & pregnant season 1 and Teen Mom 1.
    Jocelyn Jade Rendon- Ebony Rendon daughter from 16 & pregnant season 1.
    Carolyn Elizabeth David- Catelynn Lowell daughter from 16 & pregnant season 1 and Teen Mom.

    Nevaeh Lynn Fairman- Valerie Fairman daughter from 16 & pregnant season 2.
    Aubree Skye Lind- Chelsea Houska daughter from 16 & pregnant season 2 and Teen Mom 2.
    Jordynn Amelia Marie Salinas- Samantha Hernandaz daughter from 16 & pregnant.
    Aliannah Hope and Aleeah Grace Simms- Leah Calverts daughters from 16 & pregnant and Teen Mom 2.

    I'm only doing Season 1 and 2. So what's Yay and what's Nay.
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    Spellings & popularity aside, here are my comments =)

    Sophia Laurent Abraham-I think she did a decent job naming her little one.
    Leah Leann Shirley-Leah is fine, but not with Leann as a mn...
    Jocelyn Jade Rendon-fine, but not my favorite (a different middle would have made me like it more)
    Carolyn Elizabeth David-she did a good job naming her child.

    Nevaeh Lynn Fairman-nms...
    Aubree Skye Lind-I do like Aubree (prefer different spelling)
    Jordynn Amelia Marie Salinas-not the biggest fan
    Aliannah Hope and Aleeah Grace Simms-Ali & Aleeah are FAR to close for twins! Not my favorite names from the show

    Favorite first names:
    Aubree (not my fav. spelling...)

    Favorite fn/mn combo: Carolyn Elizabeth (I secretly wish it was Caroline Elizabeth..that would be fabulous!)

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    Sophia Laurent Abraham
    Jocelyn Jade Rendon - I am not very fond of Jade but I kind of like the repeated sound in this.
    Carolyn Elizabeth David- Pretty and classy sounding.
    Aubree Skye Lind- I don't like this spelling, but I like the name and so I think its rather pretty.
    Nevaeh Lynn Fairman- I don't get what's attractive about Nevaeh, but Lynn is fine.
    Jordynn Amelia Marie Salinas - Nice middle names, but seriously spell it right if at all.
    Aliannah Hope and Aleeah Grace Simms - I think the whole "Hope" and "Grace" thing feels a bit ehh... Plus, I don't really like it when twins are given the same initial.

    Sorry, I know I am picky
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    what I think:

    Sophia Laurent Abraham-nay, because of the obvious popularity.
    Leah Leann Shirley- Leah is sweet, but on the boring side, so nay. I like Leann Shirley though!
    Jocelyn Jade Rendon-nay, I just think that name fits into the once-overused-now-pablum sort of names...
    Carolyn Elizabeth David-yay, it is an elegant and classic name that never gets old!

    Nevaeh Lynn Fairman-yay, I think Nevaeh is a sweet name and lynn is a great pairing
    Aubree Skye Lind-yay, very lush sounding and I see beautiful imagery when I say it (even though I'm not a fan of Aubree)
    Jordynn Ameila Marie-nay, don't like Jordynn on a girl, but then the middles are way too much of a feminine contrast
    Alianna Hope and Aleeah Grace Simms-nay, sweet but uncreative
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    Sophia Laurent Abraham- One of the better ones. Sophia is a little popular for me, but I do still like it. The combo all around is solid.
    Leah Leann Shirley- I don't dislike Leah or Leann, but both are a little blah and sound odd, to me, together.
    Jocelyn Jade Rendon- I like Jocelyn, but I'm meh on Jade.
    Carolyn Elizabeth David- I prefer Caroline, but Carolyn isn't bad. Elizabeth is a good, solid middle.

    Nevaeh Lynn Fairman- Lynn is a filler middle, but Nevaeh is... to me... blech.
    Aubree Skye Lind- I do like Aubrey, but more for a boy. The spelling is... not my favorite. Skye is okay.
    Jordynn Amelia Marie Salinas- Jordan is more a boys name to me, no matter how you try to "feminize" the spelling by adding a Y and a couple Ns. Amelia Marie is really pretty, though.
    Aliannah Hope and Aleeah Grace Simms- Both of these look made up and crazy. Hope and Grace aren't bad. I just really do not get the first names.
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